Our Top Three Leeds Christmas Parties

Although it’s technically summer (even if it doesn’t feel like at the moment) the corporate party planning world is hot at the moment, because many companies are booking their Christmas parties earlier and earlier nowadays.

Now because there’s so much to choose from we decided to help all you ladies and gents out by telling you about some of our favourite Christmas parties. Now because we offer so many different parties we’ll be doing it by city.

So stop Googling Christmas party nights 2012 and check back to see which of our top 3 parties are the most fabulous, all singing all dancing (o.k. maybe not that) wondrous Christmas parties that we offer! And to start off we’re going to be covering Leeds this week, so without further delay let’s start…

Back to the 80’s

Ah the 80’s the decade nobody likes to admit that they actually like but don’t bother to hide it from us; because we know you long for leg warmers, shoulder pads and vintage Madonna (when she could actually get away with wearing a cat suit.) So as a nod to one of the greatest eras of all time we’ve put together this party complete chocolate fountain, ice carvings, a cocktail bar and a live DH who’ll be spinning some classics tunes for you to dance to.

Rio Carnival

For company’s who want a real party vibe this fiery Christmas party will have everyone possessed by the spirit of carnival (despite the fact that it’s being held in Leeds and not actually Rio!) The venue is fully decked out in tropical decorations, plus if that wasn’t good enough already there are also acrobat performers to wow you. A full five course menu is also included and if you’ve had enough of strutting your stuff on the dance floor there are also dodgems and roulette tables to keep you entertained!

Music Legends

Imagine, Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Meatloaf all in one room belting out classic tunes for your pleasure. O.K. so we don’t have the power to bring back some of these legends but we do have the power to bring you some of the best tributes act in the country. This party also has a red carpet entrance, delicious 3 course meal and glorious chocolate fountain. So put on your best frock (or suit) and get ready to party till the crack of dawn with all the legends.

So that’s it for our best Leeds Christmas parties. We hope you enjoyed the list and we hope that it helps you when it comes to booking your company’ Christmas party.

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