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Our Time At Eventa

Eventa’s outgoing office interns Georgie Tobin and Sadie Cain offer up an overview of their time with the UK’s leading corporate events agency

The first impression when we walked through those security-coded doors was that everyone was really quiet and it was a ‘typical work place’ but after a few days our minds completely changed…EVERYONE’S NUTS!

During the two weeks at Eventa we made numerous posters, which we thought were amazing and everyone just found ‘camp’ and laughed at them, although deep down we know that marketing will be lost without our brainy ideas first thing in the morning. And of course the IT team will miss our nagging for them to fix our computer, phone or even just nicking their scissors and Sellotape.

Being called Hannah Montana, schoolgirls and practically behind on life didn’t shut us up. If anything it caused more mayhem for Keith, or should we say… GRANDAD Kenneth! I’m sure the Eventa team are fed up with our constant giggling, constant pointless questions and basically making ourselves look like idiots but we know we will be missed ridiculously.

All in all we have had such an amazing two weeks, everyone was so welcoming and we are going to miss everyone and the antics which take place on a day to day basis. In all honesty we haven’t laughed as much as we have in these past two weeks in our whole life.

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