Having a Murder Mystery Christmas Party

For a Christmas party with a twist, why not consider having a murder mystery theme to your annual social event? Whether it’s an exclusive party or an event shared with other companies, a murder mystery evening is a fun way to break the ice amongst people, and sort out the super sleuths from the deputy dawgs! You and your colleagues will have to pit your wits against the dastardly killer and try to figure out who it was, where when and why…

What is a murder mystery evening?

In case you didn’t know, a murder mystery evening is where a murder is staged at some point in the evening and it’s up to the guests to figure out who did it. There’s no need to panic, despite the name, no one gets murdered and the key suspects and characters are played by actors, giving the night a fabulously authentic feel. There will be characters there that help you along with useful information, but also watch out as there will be plenty of red herrings as part of the night’s proceedings! Can you sort out the truth from deceit and solve the murder before another takes place?

What can you expect?

Depending on your venue and they type of murder mystery evening you choose, the format of the evening may differ slightly, but most follow a similar schedule. As you arrive you’ll have time to settle and relax with your guests and perhaps enjoy a drink at the bar. Once you’ve had time for everyone to arrive, at some point the murder will occur and then it’s all systems go to try and solve the grizzly deed. You’ll be able to interact with the different characters to cross reference information and try to piece together the mystery. There will be plenty of suspicion and double crossing before the clues are finally pieced together to answer whodunit?! After you’ve solved the mystery it’s time to take your seats for a delicious meal and more drinks when you can chat and laugh with your colleagues and about the evening’s sinister events!

What different themes are available?

There are a variety of themes which is what makes the murder mystery package so popular. You can have a classic old fashioned murder mystery set in the Roaring 20s for an evening of glitz, glamour and assassination! For those fans of Agatha Christie’s classic murder mysteries, this is certain to be a hit. Perhaps something with a more contemporary feel would suit you and your party, in which case the Austin Powers themed evening in Birmingham could be right up your street! Or, if you prefer to hark back to your school days The Great St. Rinian’s Murder! Could be the perfect theme for your Christmas party.

What else makes the evening?

In addition to a fabulously acted out murder mystery, you and your guests will also enjoy a wonderful three course meal with festive table decorations and party novelties for your group to enjoy. You’ll be served after dinner coffees and be able to shake off the adrenaline from the evening on the dance floor. The resident DJ will play hit after hit until the early hours of the morning!

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