Know how your Christmas party will pan out

We all love going to the cinema, right? Grabbing some popcorn, sitting back and enjoying two hours of top quality visual entertainment? Well, don’t you just hate it when you already know how the film will end?

Yahoo! Movies have compiled a list of the worst offenders when it comes to trailers spoiling a film’s ending. Topping the list is ‘Free Willy’, which went one step further and plastered the now iconic shot of the whale jumping over the young boy’s head on his way to freedom all over its marketing posters.

Similarly, audiences at Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Castaway’ wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that Tom Hanks’ character does actually make it off his lonely desert island and that his wife does actually end up leaving him for somebody else.

With these and many films like them, audiences would probably prefer to be left in the dark, but this shouldn’t be the case with your office Christmas party.

Know exactly how your night will pan out with our comprehensive, step-by-step event descriptions .

With an array of shared and exclusive Christmas parties being uploaded every day, you are sure to find the right event for you.

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