Glasgow Christmas parties

Glasgow Christmas Parties | A Non-Working Lunch

Come December, a hard year of work will nearly be over once more. You can look forward to a good week or so of rest and relaxation with family and friends before jumping back into the swing of things in January. It is a time for celebration and companionship. These are most certainly themes that come into play with the company Christmas party. It is something that we here at Eventa certainly look forward to with enthusiasm and scanning over the Christmas parties on offer in 2011, the excitement levels are greater than ever. A Christmas party is traditionally an evening affair, the arrival of night time bringing with it the sound of chatter, laughter and the clinking of glasses. Glasgow Christmas parties are set to buck the trend this year and offer party goers the option of switching on the ‘out of office’ and having an afternoon away from work.

These lunchtime Christmas parties in Glasgow are becoming an increasingly popular choice for groups, simply because of the difficultly in getting everyone together for an evening with after-work commitments often throwing a spanner in the works. It means that everyone attending will most likely be in the same place at the same time, i.e.: work, meaning you can all jump in taxis and arrive at your Glasgow Christmas party together. This year’s lunch event promises to make for a wonderful company Christmas party. There’ll be a complementary welcome drink waiting for you upon your arrival before a delicious two course festive party meal is served. Fun competitions run throughout the afternoon with some fantastic prizes to be won. You’ll then be able to let your hair down on the dance floor as the resident DJ reels off the hits until well into the evening.

Of course, if you are a night owl, we’ve got plenty of shared Christmas parties in Glasgow held in the evening for you! Particularly tempting are the Sparkling Snow Party Nights, whereby one person goes free if the group size is over 20. Organisers booking in a group of 75 or over get a bottle of Champagne! Now, who said that the festive spirit had disappeared?!

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