Creative ideas for an extraordinary office Christmas party

If you want to arrange a Christmas party that won’t be forgotten by your colleagues, and your bosses, then you need to get a bit creative about how to make this annual event different from the previous years.

An outstanding office Christmas party should excite and entertain your guests, and if you’re the one who organised it you can be certain that you’ll be getting the credit for months to come!

So how do you make sure that you put together a top notch office Christmas party that is great value for money? We’ve put together some ideas to help you out:

Shake up the timing of it

If you’re tired of having an office Christmas party after a long day’s work when people are tired out, talk to your boss and think about having a Christmas party over lunch and into the afternoon. With Christmas being a busy time of year for social activities, finding a night that everyone can make can be tricky, so having it during working hours means there’s no excuse for people not to be there. Get your guests together when there are their most energetic and you’ll see the spirits lift as you share a lovely three course lunch and then party away until late afternoon.

Make it Personal

If you work in a large office, it might be that not everyone is familiar with the other guests. Whilst name tags can make people feel like they’re at a conference, think about having personalised party hats or personalised Santa hats! It’s much more of a conversation starter and is a simple way to get people into the party mood. Holding an awards ceremony to recognise the different talents in the company can also be a super fun way to have a laugh whilst recognising the hard work of your employees.

Choose cracking entertainment

If you think your office would like something completely different then don’t be afraid to explore some of the alternative ideas to the traditional Christmas parties! A popular type of Christmas party is a live entertainer performing a tribute act to one of your favourite bands or singers. Think about the wonderful atmosphere you’d have after a delicious dinner with your very own Elvis impersonator? Or how about giving your party the x-factor by having a Girls Aloud tribute band or even an ABBA group or a fabulous tribute to Take That?!

Have an off the wall theme

As well as choosing some cracking entertainment for your office Christmas party, why not also choose a theme for the night? There are so many different types of Christmas party you can choose from, from school discos, to disco fever to something really out of the ordinary like a Wild Wild West themed party, complete with a mechanical bull!

These are just a few ideas to help you start planning a Christmas party to remember, but we’re brimming with more. Contact the office today to find out more about what parties we can offer you and your guests this Christmas!

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