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Eventa Case Study – Bootleggers Ball

At Eventa we offer a wide variety of corporate events, however because we offer so many, we don’t always get a chance to showcase and talk about each and every one of them. To rectify this we’ll be selecting some of our favourite past events and writing case studies about them on our very own blog! Not only is this a great way for potential customers to see the various, different events we offer but it’s also a great way to show how we prepare for our events too! So without further ado, let’s talk about one of my favourites “The Bootleggers Ball”.

For this particular event the client needed a space to accommodate 350+ guests in central Nottingham on a Friday night – during the peak Christmas party time in December. The chosen theme would be the 1930’s incorporating the era of prohibition, bootlegging and the infamous gangster atmosphere that was so prevalent at the time.

To keep the guests entertained and immersed in the experience we arranged for live actors to greet and mingle with the guests throughout the evening. The mob boss “Mr Big” welcomed them into the establishment, whilst jazz girls checked people off the guest list and flapper girls mingled. There were also police patrolling the venue, “frisking” and “questioning” guests as they entered the party.

Anyway in the interest of keeping this relatively short, the whole event included the following…

  • Chicago Jazz Club Themed Exclusive Banqueting Suite
  • The Mobster Owner of the Jazz Club Meeting and Greeting Guests
  • Flapper Girls Mingling with Guests
  • Police on Patrol “Frisking” and “Questioning” Guests as they Enter the Venue
  • Champagne Reception
  • Fork Buffet
  • Four Themed Drinks Vouchers per Guest
  • Frank Sinatra Tribute Act to Entertain During Dinner
  • Lesson in the Charleston from the Flapper Girls
  • Police Raid
  • Casino Tables with Croupiers, Fun Money and Prizes
  • DJ and Disco
  • Prizes for the Best Fancy Dress Costumes
  • Party Bags on the Tables
  • Complimentary Photographer
  • DJ and disco
  • Full Event Management
  • Frank Sinatra tribute act
  • Fancy dress props for guests
  • Goodie bags with themed goodies inside

There were a few issues prior to the party that we managed to sort out in the nick of time! For instance, we only had access to the venue two and a half hours before guests where scheduled to turn up! Meaning that we had to change the unexciting venue into a 1920’s speakeasy party, complete with lighting and sound checks before then! Plus we had to bring in a grand piano too which was no easy feat.

There was also an over capacity problem whereby more guests attended than expected. So rather than compromise any of the entertainment or food service, all of the Eventa staff, Eventa entertainers and the Event Manager at the venue all met before the event to have an in-depth discussion to decide on a very exact schedule so that we could use the space as effectively as possible.

All of this had to be done without the guests noticing, meaning the transitions had to be seamless and (probably) would not have been achieved if we didn’t have experienced event co-ordinators on hand that evening.

The décor was made to portray the illicit jazz club scenes of the 1920’s-1930’s with plenty of velvets, red & pink lighting, feathered lampshades and illuminated backdrops. For entertainment there was a roulette and Black Jack table using fun money and rewarding prizes for those who didn’t want to get one the dance floor.

Considered to be one of our most popular themed parties, we offer this party in several destinations across the UK. If you are interested in arranging a prohibition party for your own company or simply want to get a quote from us then please email or call us on 01273 225 078.

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