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Rib-Tickling Christmas On The Horizon : Is Your Funny Bone Ready For Action?

One of our most talked-about and popular series of festive packages last year, the Foster’s Comedy Live series returns once again to Highlight venues in Camden, Leeds, Birmingham, Reading and Watford for 2012 and will surely see people rolling around in the aisles in fits of laughter for the second year running.

The process is a simple one: enjoy some mulled wine, sit down for dinner and witness some top international stand-up comedy.
The venues are set to be festively themed in the Winter Wonderland style, so you can expect lots of cool blue and white lights, snowflakes and icicles. All tables will be covered in balloons, crackers, hats and poppers so it’ll really feel like a raucous party. Those feeling a little peckish can tuck into some appetisers that will be provided for all guests, before a wonderful Christmas dinner is served. Each guest receives two drinks vouchers and then the main event, four comedy acts to look forward to. There’s even a DJ set afterwards to get everyone celebrating on the dance floor.

Capital residents are in luck too as this particular brand of comedy-inspired Christmas party nights in London will be hitting up Highlight in Camden’s Stables Market. The run is sure to be extremely popular here, as they are priced lower than a typical night out in the capital and far lower than the vast majority of festive nights across the city.

It would certainly appear that comedy is going to be a popular theme for 2012 Christmas parties across the country. With times continuing to be tough for the majority of the working population, a little bit of laughter is always something to cherish.

For more information on the Foster’s Christmas Comedy Live series that we are promoting in conjunction with Highlight venues across the country, get in touch on 01273 225078.

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