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New Year, New Logo

In our first blog post of 2013 we just wanted to let everyone know about our recent rebrand. We’re not changing our name or anything equally as drastic, but we do have a nice, sleek new logo to use as we look to improve on our performance and figures from last year. Cat revealed this at the end of last year in her year in review post, now expect to see this new logo a lot more often.

Last week saw us take delivery of our compliments slips, headed paper and our delightful new business cards, which we’ll be dolling out at the next networking event you see us at.

Already we are seeing more enquiries than at this stage last year, so all signs are pointing towards 2013 being just as eventful and exciting for Eventa as 2012 was. It is crazy to think that Christmas parties are arranged and booked quite so far in advance but in most instances these bookings are coming from happy customers and clients that were so pleased with their Eventa 2012 events that they want to get their 2013 events all booked and taken care of as soon as they can.

We oversaw a lot of parties and the feedback we received was fantastic, with too many compliments and positive feedback to list here! If you’re a follower of our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter you may have seen some of the great photos that we’ve been taking to share with everyone, if you haven’t perhaps you need to take a look after you’ve read this blog.

So, a new year and a new logo, so here’s to 2013 being the best yet for Eventa, and we hope that you’ll be a part of that as we continue to show you just why we should always be your events department.

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Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet is the Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Eventa. Event management has always been a popular topic for Tom, having run a number of events throughout his working career, as well as speaking at conferences a vast number of times.

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