Six Things To Do During The Festive Limbo

The Festive Limbo. Otherwise known as that awkward period of time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you’re lucky enough to have the full week off work and you’re fed up of being slouched in front of that telly stuffing yourself silly with copious amounts of Quality Street, then it’s definitely time to get yourself out of the house. We’ve got a great list of ideas to do during this tricky in-between period, so why not take a leaf out of our book if you can’t think of anything to do and get inspired!

Go Ice-Skating

There’s nothing more festive than hitting the ice rink and if it’s outside – even better! It’s the perfect excuse to put on that new hat and glove set that you got for Christmas whilst you glide around on the ice (or hang onto the side, apologising to the many couples sharing romantic moments as you attempt to squeeze past) taking in the festive lights and having a laugh with your friends, family or your other half!


Get Back To Nature

After spending a lot of time indoors over the festive period, it’s always a good idea to get out the house and go for a long walk in the country – you’ll be able to walk off some of the Christmas indulgences and get some much needed fresh air! Don’t forget to bring the dog!

Hit The Sales

If you’ve got the stamina, then why not hit those sales? There’s plenty of after Christmas bargains to be had with some brilliant reductions available. Think of it as a form of exercise. A form of exercise that rewards you with lots of nice gifts for yourself. After all, you’ve worked hard this year and budgeted for everyone’s Christmas presents, so why not treat yourself?


Enjoy A Pub Lunch

Once you’ve exhausted the leftover Turkey with various turkey themed meals, you’re probably bored stiff of the stuff. So how about rounding up your mates and having a post-Christmas catch up away from the kitchen over some seriously tasty pub grub and a few drinks? We’ll go for the pie and chips with a vodka and Diet Coke. Thanks.

Head To An Art Gallery Or Museum

This one’s great if you’re getting short on money as these attractions are normally free (or at the very least ask for a suggested donation) and there’s plenty to visit if you live close to a major city! From The Tate Modern to The Victoria and Albert museum and The Science Museum to The Natural History Museum in London, you really will be spoiled for choice. Of course, that’s just London and there’s plenty more across the UK. There’s never been a better time to increase your knowledge; it could just come in handy at a pub quiz – you never know!


Bowling And Laser quest

Bowling and laserquest isn’t just for kids under 12 having birthday parties, it can be great fun for adults too! So why not get a group together and throw on your laser gun and channel your inner soldier, before creeping around in the dark and firing at the opposing team. It’s perfect for an adrenaline surge and you can be sure that there will be plenty of laughter along the way! Finish things up with a round of bowling and see who will be able to bowl a turkey (three strikes consecutively bowled FYI).

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