why companies need a Christmas party

Why companies shouldn’t scrap the Christmas party

It may seem like we’re all about Christmas parties and corporate summer events but since the recession has hit everyone has had to make cuts and we as a company know this. From small things like reducing the amount of Starbucks “treat lattes” we buy on the way to work. To bigger things like company bosses thinking about scrapping the annual company Christmas party (in order to save costs)…

Now I know anything I type is going to sound biased, but we here at Eventa genuinely believe that a Christmas party is more than just a Christmas party. It’s one of the few things (most) employees look forward to every year. Scrapping the company party would be a bad idea, after all employment morale is at an all-time low at the moment. So if you’ve heard whispers that your company party might be scrapped here are some arguments you can put forward to your boss…

Parties are good for morale

As I keep saying, parties are good for company morale. They tell employees that the company knows how to have fun and knows when to treat its staff. All important things when you consider how hard the staff work throughout the year. A party is also particularly important if the company doesn’t plan to give anyone a pay rises. Believe me scrapping both pay rises and the company party is going to go down just about as well as a bag of cold porridge. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that a company that doesn’t reward its employees will soon find itself receiving a lot of resignation letters.

Shared parties keep down cost

You don’t have to have an exclusive party, shared parties are a great way to save money as they cost less overall (admittedly, it depends entirely on what you plan to include!) For example free drinks are going to cost more, as is extra entertainment (magician, photo booth, etc. ) However, if you leave out the free drinks (or limit them) and only get a DJ then a party doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Networking and mingling opportunities

Another thing about shared parties is the opportunity to mingle and network with people from other companies. Not only is this good for your company in general: it could lead to valuable contacts and opportunities that otherwise may have not have happened. If you’re having an exclusive party however, then it’s still a great opportunity to mingle with other people in your company. Employees will get the chance to impress the big boss or finally get a chance to talk to the cute new starter. All of this is more important than it seems and goes a long way towards improving the sense of office community.


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