Top Ten Countdown signs that tell you it’s Christmas

Yes we know we’re still revelling in the smell of cut grass as an indication that summer’s here but time flies and pretty soon we’re going to be seeing those tell tale signs that the magical time of year that is Christmas is just round the corner. Here we list the top ten signs that tell you Santa’s on his way…

1. X-Factor Starts

Oh yes, we forget when it begins that this show runs for what seems like forever but this show will pretty much be giving us our Christmas number one. Whatever happened to a bit of Cliff Richard for that top Christmas spot? Outcome the fanatics and music wannabes to make us laugh and cry and keep us in on a Saturday night. It’s a definite guilty pleasure.

2. Shops start selling Christmas gifts… in autumn

Here’s one to annoy the dads, it’s not even Halloween and you’ll begin to see Christmas decorations go on sale in all the shops getting ready for those of who are ridiculously organised (not me!) The weather’s barely turning colder but you can guarantee you can buy all the Christmas crackers you can shake a stick at. If you end up having a London Christmas party then you should definitely head over to Harrods first for a cheeky shopping trip, even if you don’t purchase anything.

3. Cities and town centres have their Christmas markets

This is one of the best bits about the run up to Christmas. There’s nothing like a little bit of late night shopping and being able to warm yourself against the chill with a cup of freshly mulled wine from one of the Christmas markets up and down the country. Couple it with some freshly prepared Christmas cookies and you’ll be in heaven!

4. The waist band expands…

It’s time to hide the scales in the run up to Christmas because it’s a time to indulge in food and drink, not watch what you eat! With nuts, chocolates, sherry and mulled wine being served wherever you go you might as well give in and enjoy yourself. And besides, we all need that little extra layer of insulation in the winter months!

5. The songs!

From Mariah Carey, to Slade to Wizzard, Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’re surrounded by Christmas pop songs from all decades. It’s hard to feel grumpy with a bit of Bing Crosby crooning in the background!

6. The scrooges and enthusiast come out

We all know them. You always find people in the office who hate Christmas and vow not to celebrate it, they might even offer to come in and work on Christmas day! Don’t let them dampen yours spirit though if you get excited by baubles and tinsel. On the other hand, you have the enthusiasts who have their tree up the first day of December and have been humming Christmas songs since mid November. They usually volunteer to organise the Christmas party just they can get started thinking about it in summer!

7. Love is in the air

Christmas makes us soppy. It makes singles hopeful, eyeing for that mistletoe wherever they go, and couples start wearing matching knitted jumpers and giving off big hints about what presents they want to receive.

8. The turning on of the lights!

This really is an evening of Christmas spirit when you town or city turns on its Christmas lights. It might just be a flip of a switch but to see the streets decorated and twinkling just makes you fell… well, Christmassy!

9. Nights in watching Christmas films

Christmas is a social time of year, but make sure you put some nights aside to spend it on the sofa with ice cream and your favourite Christmas films. Whether you’re crying at Miracle on 34th street or laughing out loud at Bad Santa, make sure you get your Christmas dose of films this winter!

10. The Office Christmas Party

When you see your boss drinking sherry and dancing to Elton John’s “Step Into Christmas” then you know that the Christmas season has well and truly arrived. Let your hair down, join in the fun and soak up the Christmas spirit (or should that be spirits?!)

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