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Top event management apps – tried and tested by event professionals

As corporate event organisers we here at Eventa utilise a lot of tools. Whether they are developed specially for us or publicly available tools, we use several different programmes to help us do our jobs and plan events – both in and outside of work!

Whilst we’re not new to the world of event planning and management (we’ve been planning summer parties and Christmas parties since 2009), some of you may be. So to help those of you who are just getting into the events industry or those of you who just want to know what the best event management apps are… Read on!

Schedule Planner

By far one of the best planner apps out there! It syncs with iCal and Google Cal and integrates with Dropbox and Google drive too. The app helps us manage tasks, has customizable reminders and an editable category feature. Other than just using this for general life, many of us use this app to stay organised during the planning stage of the event. The app is also great for making sure that entertainment is scheduled on time during the party.

iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle.

Check In Easy

If you have a guest list for your event and iPad’s at your disposal then we highly recommend this app (if it’s good enough for Gucci its good enough for us!) The app saves you from that awkward clipboard flipping, paper flying scenario that always seems to happen whenever you do things the old school way. Guests lists can be uploaded from excel and the app can even be programmed to alert you when important guests arrive.

Check In Easy also has a boarding pass feature which lets you send your guests printable tickets with a unique bar code. These are then scanned at the event using a quick check-in scanner integrated into the app. Flashy, nifty, modern and we love it!

iPhone, iPad, and Android


A good programme to use if you’re in charge of organising a big expo or exhibition, the idea of this programme is to provide your visitors and exhibitors a way to communicate and locate one another before and during the event. Showplanner also helps visitors to navigate towards supplier stalls, arrange meetings before the event, visit the supplier website through the app and even email them through it too! This is all done through the software which includes a 3D map of the event floor plan.

The service is not free but worth the money if you can afford it: it creates a great experience for the attendee and keeps exhibitors due to increased visitor awareness.

iPhone, iPad, and Android


Useful for personal get-togethers and event decorators/organisers, this app is simple but effective. You create an event, invite members and post up items that need brining. People can then assign themselves things to bring to said event. You’re recipients will receive their invites via email and RVSP through that and then they’ll be asked to “bring a thing.” They can also add their own thing to bring as well (in case you forget to add “Flowers” or “napkins” onto the list for example.) if you forget something you can also add more things to bring or invite more friends too at a later date!

Minimises forgotten items and relieves some stress off the organiser. What’s not to love?

iPhone and iPad

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