Tips for enjoying your work Christmas Party

Sooner than you think, thoughts will turn to the festive season and the office Christmas party. The office Christmas party is a great way to relax and let your hair down after your hard work of the year in a pre-yuletide celebration. However, the difference between any other party and the office Christmas party is that you still have to work with and see the people from the party every day for the rest of your time working at that company. For this reason we’ve put together some handy hints and tips for how to behave so that you get the maximum enjoyment from your office Christmas party with minimum embarrassment.

Turn up on time

It’s a good sign of respect to those that have organised the vent to turn up punctually, and whilst being fashionably late is accepted in most social circumstances, to turn up on time shows enthusiasm for the event. If you are nervous about chatting to people it’s always easier to talk to a smaller number of earlier arrivals than to arrive when people have established their social groups already.

Get into the swing of things

The more effort you put into the Christmas party, the more you will get out of the occasion. Make the effort to get around the room and chat to people. If you show enthusiasm during the night other people will pick up on your positivity and enjoy the event even more.

Watch what you drink

Christmas parties are notorious for leaving a trail of sore heads and cringing memories in the morning. Most of this can be avoided by watching how much alcohol you drink. Try to agree with yourself how much you are going to drink, especially if alcohol is complimentary as it can be difficult to pace yourself if you don’t have to pay for it. Try alternating an alcoholic drink with a soft drink and if food isn’t provided at the event, make sure you eat something before you go out. This will help you avoid being the one dancing on the table to the YMCA wearing reindeer antlers. It will seem like a great idea at the time but trust us, unless you are one of the Village People, this is never a good idea.

Keep your tongue in check

Parties are perfect to let your hair down, but bear in mind that you should still keep an eye on what you say to your colleagues. It may feel after a few drinks that everyone is being open and honest but remember that once you’ve said something, you can’t take it back. Even if your boss does seem more relaxed and at ease, the Christmas party is not the time to tell him what you really think about his management style. The same goes for co-workers, though it might feel like a bit of gossip is just harmless bonding, making sure that you don’t say anything that might come back to haunt you is a much safer way to go.

Avoid romance…

When Christmas spirits are high and the party is in full swing there is always the romantic temptation to involve yourself with a colleague. A few glasses of wine and the flash of the photocopier can make you see the girl from admin in a whole new light, but chances are there will be regret on both sides, as well as a ton of gossip the following morning. Much better to play it safe and pursue it when you’re sober if you still feel the same way!

Following the above will make sure you have an enjoyable office Christmas parties with long lasting memories for all the right reasons.

2 thoughts on “Tips for enjoying your work Christmas Party”

  1. This is all great advice. At my last Christmas party, everyone made a huge effort as it was a themed Christmas party, and having to prepare definitely made us all appreciate the evening more. Watching what you drink is also a good idea, as a few of us had a few too many with our Christmas dinners, resulting in some embarrassing moments.

  2. Very entertaining read. I’ve been organising parties for some time now and Christmas party nights have become my specialty. I’ve arranged many an office Christmas party and these tips would be very handy indeed, espcially the romance section! I’ve helped organise some of the best Christmas parties in London and people never inhibit themselves when it comes to drink and romance, it’s the same story everywhere.

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