Christmas party nights 2012

Using Christmas Parties As A Networking Opportunity

There can be the temptation at a shared Christmas party, whereby lots of different groups and companies celebrate together in one room, to keep to your own and not interact with outsiders. However, we’d argue that there is no better place to do a spot of networking than at a festive event. Potential future business contacts will be relaxed, in a good mood and plentiful, the perfect combination. Successful business after all is about human interaction, so have a quick check over the seating plan and see if there’s any local companies which you fancy buddying up to! Who’d have though that 2012 Christmas party nights would be fertile breeding grounds for business deals to be struck?

So, how to do it? Well, Woody Allen once said that 80% of the success is just turning up, so you’ve already won most of the battle just by being there. On this front you can get ahead of the competition by arriving early and seeing which companies are sitting where. If you know the faces and names of the people you want to be approaching, even better, as you can do so at the bar over the welcome drinks. Only make a beeline for groups of two, rather than many people standing in a circle. Introduce yourself and talk about non-business related stuff at first. Don’t try to sell something, but go for a more informal and friendly chat with the option of catching up in the new year. Networking at the office Christmas party should be about making contacts and getting to know one another on a personal level, with the business side of things coming once you are back at work.

In other Eventa news, our 2012 Leeds Christmas parties are starting to look very exciting indeed. Added this week was the popular Fosters Comedy Night and Legends events, both promising exciting live entertainment aplenty.

And when better to do a spot of networking than in a situation where you’ll be able to talk about how great the band, comedian or performers were?!

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