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Take the strain out of your office Christmas party this year

With Christmas fast approaching you may have been given the task of organising your 2012 office Christmas party, a gargantuan task if ever there was one. With plenty to remember (and even more that you’ll forget), it can be daunting from the get go. Let’s have a look at what you may need to organise:

Numbers – How many people will be attending? Although getting concrete numbers well in advance can be a struggle, it helps to have an idea of how many people need to be catered for. A general rule of thumb, it’s better to have too many places than too few.

Location – One of the biggest decisions, where will you all go? There are no doubt plenty of options close to the office, but these aren’t always the best ones. Will everyone be happy to have their Christmas party in the same pub or restaurant they often lunch at throughout the year?

Time and date – Of course, office parties are traditionally held around the festive period. However, it is increasingly common for offices to have their parties earlier, with mid to late November proving to be a popular period at present.

Special requests – Dietary requirements are usually the biggest special request for parties with a sit down dinner, whether it is for a vegetarian staff member, or someone with an intolerance to dairy, or a peanut allergy sufferer. Make sure you know of anyone with a special requirement to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary hassle on the day.

How much will all of this cost me? – Probably the first question to be asked by the big boss man himself, so knowing your budget is key to ensure that you can deliver a party that is not only enjoyed by your office, but also kept within budget.

However, don’t lose hope, because although time may be running out help is at hand!

Our team of party experts can take the stress right out of arranging your office party, and with a wide range of venues and party packages available, we’re certain that there is something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for either shared or fully exclusive Christmas parties, Eventa can provide you with something special to suit your needs, no matter the number, location, time, date or budget.

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Tom Bourlet is the Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Eventa. Event management has always been a popular topic for Tom, having run a number of events throughout his working career, as well as speaking at conferences a vast number of times.

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