Decorating Tips for the Office at Christmas

There’s nothing quite as nice as coming into a festive looking office in the run up to Christmas. It puts a spring in your step and is a sure fire way of getting you into that Christmas spirit. Too much however can look a bit garish, and if you’re fighting your way to your desk through a jungle of tinsel, it may have been overdone. When you’re decorating the office for Christmas it’s important to make sure that you have the permission of your boss and that you take into account what your co-workers might think. A six foot laughing and singing Santa going off every time someone answers the phone might not be the best thing. Here we look at some simple tips of getting your office ready for the Christmas season!

Have a Spring (Christmas) clean…

Decorations on top of dusty surfaces won’t go down well, so before you start hanging your baubles and putting out miniature Christmas trees, take some time to have a whizz round and de-clutter and tidy the office so it is like a blank canvas ready for your Christmas party masterpiece!

Make sure you have the space!

Before you go ordering a Christmas tree that would rival the one in Trafalgar Square, make sure you have enough space for the decorations you want to put up. This also includes checking with the boss about how much is “too much”. A smattering of decorations can make a place look festive, but if no one can move (or work!) then it’s not going to go down very well with the big bosses!

Make sure you’re safe…

This might sound crazy, but in an age of health and safety you need to make sure that whatever you’re hanging or plugging in isn’t going to cause an accident or get in anyone’s way. If at all unsure check with your boss or health and safety rep because it’s no fun breaking a leg tripping over tinsel at Christmas.

Make sure everyone is happy

It’s worth taking some time to let people know what kind of decorations you intend to put up around the office and take into consideration other people’s beliefs and views about Christmas, as it might not all be the same. Don’t be upset if not everyone shares your Christmas enthusiasm, and don’t try and force them to join in with the fun! Be respectful and listen to other’s ideas about what might look good around the office and you’ll have a nicer working harmony than if you steam ahead and ignore everyone else!

Decorate in your own time…

Unless your boss says otherwise, it’s a good idea to decorate after hours. It means you’re not being distracted from your work (which is why you’re there, yes, even at Christmas time), and you won’t be distracting others. If you do it when there’s no one there it also means you can crank up the Christmas music whilst you decorate!

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