Christmas Party fancy dress ideas

A good way of spicing up Christmas parties, which can be rather formulaic year-on-year, is to make it fancy dress.

Office Christmas parties can need a kick start to get everyone in the mood to party and then before long the guests are well on their way to drinking far too much brandy, mulled wine and everything else  stocked behind the bar.

So if the party is to be fancy dress what are your options for outfits that will stand you out from the crowd, or leave guests wondering who it is behind the mask or decorations.

The obvious choice is a Santa outfit for the men, who don’t need to hold on their beer belly for a night, while the sexy Santa outfits are always a big success. However, it is predictable and a little boring, especially after the ‘you can sit on my knee’ line has been used a dozen times.

Santa of course needs little helpers, so if you don’t mind playing second fiddle to the man in red and white you can come as an elf, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous a reindeer, although you do not want to be lumbered eating carrots all night long.

One that is usually only for the ladies is to come as an angel with wings and halo, or on a similar theme a fairy complete with her magic wand.

You could come dressed all in white and be a snowman, or a snowwoman of course, but there are costumes out there for those that want to be an inanimate object during the Christmas party night.

Come as a Christmas present and wait to be unwrapped, or come as a Christmas tree and see you have hanging off your arm by the end of the night? We’ve also seen Christmas pudding costumes, but the danger with this one is being set alight with brandy.

All of these costumes and more are available for an Xmas party night to remember, or you can get creative and make your own festive masterpiece.

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