Jungle Christmas Parties in London

Celebrate Christmas in the Wild this year with Eventa

The Rainforest Café is a fantastic venue in London that is offering some great Christmas parties this year. Its location makes it perfect for any business or company located in central London and who require a venue close to their offices or in a very easily accessible location in the city.

The theme throughout really does have to be seen to be believed, but just trust us when we say that if you’re a fan of The Jungle Book or just jungles in general you’ll be over the moon to have your London office Christmas party here!

The Amazonian Lunch package is ideal if you’re looking to book an office Christmas lunch where everyone can be back in the office before the end of the afternoon. A lovely menu that offers four different main course options will be on offer, so expect to enjoy a tasty Christmas lunch whether you want turkey, steak, fish or the vegetarian option.

Enquire about the Amazonian Lunch Party Package here.

Don’t go wild this Christmas; instead you should come to Christmas in the Wild! This evening party package is the best choice if you want your company to hit the dancefloor after your three course meal for a bit of a boogie. We think it is safe to say that there won’t be many times where you can say you enjoyed a few glasses of champagne and danced amongst gorillas and jaguars!

It’s the theme that really makes the parties at The Rainforest Café, whether it be the tropical fish tank or the vines descending from the ceiling it all feels like you’re having a festive forest party! We’ll tell you this now, make sure you take a look at the Mushroom Bar; it has to be seen and experienced to be believed!

Find out how you could celebrate Christmas in the Wild here.

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