Your Christmas Party Checklist

It’s that time of year again – where employees everywhere are beginning to start planning the perfect etiquette for the office Christmas party and everything that surrounds it – what to wear, what to say, who to mingle with and of course the big one: how much to drink?

At this very moment on Friday I was doing the exact same, as it just so happened to be our very own Eventa Christmas party! Just hours away, it was time to go through the last minute checklist and make sure that everything was in place for a night of memories and no embarrassment (if I could help it). But what are these ‘checks’ – what should you be thinking about if your own Christmas party is just around the corner? Let’s take a look…

The Checklist

• What to wear: (Don’t worry, I didn’t left mine until the big day, I’ve got it sorted!) Make sure you have you outfit put together, bought and ironed well before the night so it is there ready to get in to.
• Timings: No one wants to be late, or too early… or for that matter be stranded once the night is over. So talk to your colleagues and if you’re going home to get ready, book your taxi in advance to get to the venue on time (we all know they have a tendency to be late) and also book one home if you need it. Why not just walk you ask? It’s the winter and you’ll be wearing your best suit or dress with your hair sculpted to perfection… need I say anymore?
• Get Groomed: Which leads me on to the next point and one I stupidly forgot about… get a haircut if you haven’t already. I’ve got a bit of a mop, but you should make sure your hair is sorted and styled – and for the women, choose the makeup that goes with your outfit and you’ll look stunning!
• Get Cash: Yes the food and drink might be free, but what about the taxi and the after party to the party if any of you decide to venture out. If there’s one thing that’ll put a dampener on a night, it’s walking in the cold, wind and rain trying to find a cash point.
• Get Tactical: Okay now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty – what we’re all worried about… Getting too drunk and spending the next day in bed trying to remember if you did or did not do what you think you did. Remember what your mum would say for this one. Eat well in the day, drink a glass of milk and if you can, fit in a few glasses of water when you’re out! Another tip of mine would be to take a Milk Thistle tablet before you leave and when you wake up – it should help you digest the alcohol on the night and rid (as much you can) of the hangover.

That’s my checklist anyway, if you have any other tips for avoiding Christmas party related embarrassment; leave them in the comments below. I could probably do with a few more because I think my not getting too drunk/avoiding embarrassment success rate was about 60%…

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