What you need to know to plan your ultimate Christmas party

Here at Eventa, we say that it’s never too early to start thinking about planning your ultimate Christmas party for 2017. By deciding all the important bits such as preferred location and venue now, you stand a higher chance of experiencing your dream Christmas party this festive season! We’ve rounded up some important points to consider when planning your company party so that you’re able to enjoy a totally memorable evening that you and your guests won’t forget!

Which month do you want to celebrate?

Depending on your business or company, it may be easier to hold your party in November if December is likely to be an extremely busy month at your place of work. Generally, parties outside of December are cheaper, but having it in December is a vital element for many companies. There are on occasion some venues available which offer party dates in January if a later celebration is preferred. Whatever month you decide to celebrate, it’s worth enquiring now to ensure you receive your preferred months and dates.

How big is your party size?

Getting a rough estimate of numbers for your Christmas celebration is necessary so you can decide whether you want a shared or exclusive party night. Shared party nights are ideal for those smaller companies with around 50 employees or under who will join with other companies to enjoy the experience of a larger party night that doesn’t compromise on the extravagance!

For larger groups of 50+ who want to enjoy their own private party, then we would recommend an exclusive party – you’ll have you own space, usually in a suite or function room where you’ll be able to indulge in a festive knees up with all of your friends and colleagues. If you have a smaller group, but you’d prefer something more intimate, then there are plenty of excellent restaurant venues who offer exclusive space.

Where do you want to hold the party?

Location, location location. Seriously though, knowing where you want to hold your party is a pretty important thing to know as soon as possible. Are you close to a few cities? If so, have a think about where would be the most convenient one for your team. Is it close to nearby transport options, does it offer onsite parking? Once you find your ideal venue in your desired location, we suggest sending an enquiry through on the Eventa site to give you a good chance of getting your dream venue!

How much do you want to spend?

Taking into account everything you’d like your party to include, make a sensible budget and use our handy search filter on the Eventa website. This enables you to search for potential venues by entering a minimum and maximum amount in your preferred area. From here, you’ll be presented with a page of results within your budget.

Once you’ve found a Christmas party that you like the look of, simply send a enquiry through and you’ll be contact by the venue who will send you out a proposal and get you on the way to planning your dream Christmas party!

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