What Type of Party-Goer are you?

We’ve all been to parties. Whether it’s the school party or an office party, there are a few similarities between the kinds of faces we see there.

A complex mix of interactions occurs at big social gatherings like parties, some of which are good and some of which are bad. Here at Eventa, we know parties inside out, so decided to list the eight kinds of people you’ll probably, most definitely find when you attend the office party.

Which one are you?


  1. The Organiserorganizer

This is the high maintenance, obsessively organised person who has their toilet breaks scheduled on a spreadsheet. Psychologists say that this person organises the party for themselves and the big day is all about them!

That’s not a bad thing, just don’t get carried away looking for praise after the inevitably successful night.

  1. The Couples

At every party there is always the two people who are joint at the hip and stood gossiping in one corner of the room. This is the couple that make you feel like a third wheel when you stand within six feet of them.

Either it’s that one friend who abandons their mates for their girlfriend/boyfriend or it’s the friends who can’t be separated and kind of look like each other too.

  1. The Outcastoutcast

Standing in one corner of the room and usually frowning. It will be pretty easy to work out who the outcast is. They often willingly isolate themselves because they don’t want to be at the party. They won’t speak to anyone and should have probably just stayed at home. Who knows why they go anyway?

  1. The Cling-On

The cling on or the ‘stalker’ is that one annoying character who will latch on to the nearest person of interest. Be careful, if it’s you then you won’t be able to shake them off until it’s time to go home. Then expect overly friendly greetings of recognition and reminiscing that ‘hilarious Christmas party’ for the rest of the work year.

  1. The Dark Horsedarkhorse

That plain, quiet and rather shy girl or guy who seems quite timid has just revealed their inner beast on the dance floor. The dark horse is bags of fun on nights out but returns to their shy and quiet state without the Dutch courage that drinks bring them.

  1. The Seducer

Practically celibate when they’re sober, the once cool headed and charming character turns into a bit of a creep after a few drinks, maybe with their wandering hands or cringey chat up lines. To everyone.

  1. The Criercrying

Everybody has things going on in their lives. For the crier, this all comes out after a whiff of alcohol. They will be telling you about their divorce, their last three wives and other extremely personal and sensitive details you didn’t want to know about.

Tears will be streaming, mascara will be running and ties will be used as hankies. Arguably the party type that makes everyone feel the most awkward.

  1. The Complainer

You’ll probably find this character near the organiser. Because if they are going to complain about anything it will be the atmosphere, the venue and the obvious lack of appropriate vegan food that was grown in Devon and served at precisely 19 degrees on a rectangular plate. And who better to complain at than the organiser?

When this happens, brace yourselves for a rather public argument! Or to prevent any serious complaints, check out some of our incredible parties.


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