What do Most People Do (and Probably Wish they hadn’t) at the Christmas Party?

Whether you’ve already had your Christmas party or are preparing for it as you read this, there’s one thing we can all take solace from if we feel we’ve embarrassed ourselves a little bit too much – and that is the fact that someone else has done it and probably done it worse.

If you’re in need of comforting and want to know that you’re in the same boat as some others, then you’ll be happy to know that the people of martialaffair.co.uk have put together a survey and scoured the nation to find out not only what happens the most at office Christmas parties, but those ranging job roles such as beauticians to bankers and everything else in between. So before you start to fall into post or pre-emptive party regret, let’s take a look at the stats from the 1,000 professionals they asked!

68% had at the very least flirted or made a pass at a colleague and regretted it the next day. (NOTE: For any office juniors out there, watch your step as it apparently juniors who more often come on to their seniors at parties!)

24% admitted they had gone all the way with a colleague after the Christmas party!

– Behind these big regrets was crying in front of a fellow employee and also in joint third was revealing how much you are paid.

– Another regret that came up time and time again was spending far too long talking to the manager in a (drunken) bid to make them like you more. So by all means have a chat with your manager, but don’t linger for so long they’re making excuses to get away for you!

– Finally, other big ‘no-no’s’ that seemed like a smart idea on the night included being the very first out on the dance floor, stealing a ‘souvenir’, revealing a personal sexual story and even falling asleep made the list!

If none of that made you feel better about your own antics, knowing that only 12% of the 1,000 asked said they had got through the party with absolutely no regrets whatever.
It’s okay, you’re one of the 88% – the majority. Come January it will (hopefully) be all forgotten about!


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