Top 5 Parties in London for Vegetarian Food….

For us veggies, we can dread the annual Christmas party, when we have to raise our hand and protest the lack of meat free goodies on offer at the local pub, so can we please go somewhere else?

We love Christmas here at Eventa, so to make it that much more pleasant for you, we decided to put together a little list of the best London Packages for delicious vegetarian food. So if you’re sick and tired of plain tomato pasta or a sloppy salad, check out these stand out parties.


  1. Battersea Shared Carnivale party

Not only is it the best time to have a carnival party seeing as the Rio Olympics are guaranteed to stun this summer, but it’s the best time to enjoy vegetarian cuisine. It the height of the eating revolution and plenty of venues are boarding the health food train.

This Battersea Carnivale Party offers delicious appetizers such as the plum tomato tart, wild rocket and balsamic vinegar or a cauliflower velouté with onion and cumin beignet. We’re sick of just being given leaves and this venue hits the spot with a more exquisite dish that somebody has put a lot of effort into.

Main course is a twice baked cheese soufflé with oxford blue, watercress and a pine nut and apple salad.



  1. Neo-Victorian Fantasy

This London venue is really pushing the boat out this year not only with it’s incredible theming, but with its tasty and unusual vegetarian menu. A brilliant party with excellent food and it definitely makes our London top five.

It was the starter of roasted spiced butternut squash with slow dried ginger tomatoes, sun drenched peppers, wild rocket and crispy onions and a sweet shallot dressing that got us talking. And you won’t feel like you’re missing out when you sink your teeth into the rich spinach and ricotta tortellini tossed in roasted red pepper passata, sprinkled with a shaved Italian hard cheese.

It’s hard enough being a vegetarian and finding an event that caters to your tastes, this themed party offers a vegan menu too with delicious spinach, chick pea and broad bean cutlets and roasted root vegetables.



  1. Exquisite Canapé Christmas

Moving into our top three veggie friendly parties in London, we have the Exquisite Canapé Christmas party. With high quality, carefully thought out food, we couldn’t forget about this event.

A sweet plum tomato tart with wild rocket and balsamic vinegar or a personal favourite, a smooth and creamy cauliflower velouté with onion and cumin beignet. What makes this venue stand out is the high end, ‘MasterChef’ style food that suggest the chef has taken some time over providing a real alternative to meat dishes.

An exquisite main course of twice baked cheese soufflé with oxford blue cheese, watercress and a pine nut and apple salad will create a flavour explosion in your mouth.



  1. Summer Beach Bar Party

The dreaded summer party when slabs of meat are cooking on the BBQ and the only vegetarian dish in sight is the coleslaw to go with the barbecue food.

Well at this beautiful venue in central London, you’ll be treated like royalty and offered a huge range of fantastic summer food.

From cous cous stuffed plum tomatoes, grilled corn on the cob with chilli salt, wild mushroom arancini balls to a new potato and egg salad, you may be too full to sample everything. Provencal vegetable skewers, a Greek salad, courgette and pepper tempura with soya dressing and a rich mozzarella and tomato salad. This venue makes our list because of its dedication to providing a huge range of foods for us veggies.



  1. Private Island Summer Party

Could this be the perfect venue? A beautiful private island, in London, with an outstanding menu for both meat eaters and vegetarians. You couldn’t possibly want for a better summer party.

With exciting vegetarian finger foods, such as black olive and rocket pesto mini pizzas, crispy vegetable samosas with a sweet chili dip, roasted pepper and hummus wraps, egg and caper sandwiches and plenty more you won’t get a chance to try a bit of everything on offer.

Perhaps you’d enjoy the hot buffet with dishes including creamy mushroom stroganoff, broccoli, stilton and potato bake or grilled aubergine and tomato bake. Sweet, succulent, rich and flavoursome foods, hand crafted to perfection.

This venue makes our number one this year because of its endless selection of top, tasty food.

Definitely a winner winner…veggie dinner.


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