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National Kissing Day :- Top 10 Movie Kisses

Whilst doing a write up for one of our Hollywood themed parties a fellow colleague reminded me that today is national kissing day.  Normally such reminders don’t actually help me think of blogging topics (he once reminded me about national hamster day…) however it did get me thinking (seeing as I had Hollywood in the brain already) what’s my favourite movie kiss? I then asked my colleague (From Here to Eternity) and this of course led to a department discussion, which then developed into a company debate.

In the end I decided to write a blog post based on the conversation we all had, generally everybody had different favourites but there were some that united people and got us all sighing dreamily at the memory of seeing that magnificent kiss for the first time. So without further ado here our Top 10 movie kisses of all time (according to Eventa!)

Gone with the wind – Rhett Butler & Scarlett O’Hara

“You should be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how.” Seriously, a film that has a line like that quite frankly deserves to be included in this list. Plus it was actually my kiss choice, so there was no chance it wasn’t going to make it onto the list.

The Notebook – Allie & Noah

Arguably one of the most iconic kisses in movie history, it certainly wins the award for most passionate kiss in the rain from us! Never has an audience sighed and/or sobbed so much as when Allie and Noah locked lips in the pouring rain.

Spiderman – Peter Parker & Mary-Jane

The second “kissing in the rain” scenario on our list, this particular kiss between M.J. and Peter quickly became iconic and (in our opinion) still reigns supreme when it comes to the “kissing upside” category (not that there have been many of those!)

Titanic – Jack & Rose

We’ve never quite figured out why they didn’t just take turns on the plank of wood but nevertheless. When they were both happily aboard the Titanic, Jack and Rose shared several stolen kisses with the one at the ship’s bow being the most touching. To us, their love will go on and oooooonnnn~!

Ghost – Molly Jensen & Sam Wheat

Pottery has never been so sexy! Honestly, this scene was steamy, romantic and laced with passion! However (for us) the kiss at the end of the movie was one of the saddest and most heartfelt in movie history.

Armageddon – A.J & Grace

Animal crackers will never be the same again! Whilst this isn’t one of the most dramatic kisses we’ve ever seen it’s still one of our favourites. Plus our marketing manager Keith wasn’t budging (apparently he cried when he saw it in the cinema) hence why it’s on the list.

Breakfast and Tiffany’s – Holly Golightly & Paul Varjak

Kissing in the rain. It’s been done before (see some of our previous kisses), but what made this kiss between Holly and Paul so memorable was the fact that the unnamed puss was adorably wedged between them whilst they locked lips. Oh and of course their burning feelings of love for one another (but let’s face it – the cat made this scene!)

Brokeback Mountain – Ennis & Jack

Ah forbidden love! Made even more forbidden when it’s a secret love between two gorgeous cowboys! That’s right; regardless of gender, everybody here at Eventa agreed that the kiss between these two men was full of longing, love and passion.

Lady and the Tramp – Lady & Tramp

That spaghetti kiss *sigh* never has food been used in such a romantic way since! This adorable lovey animation tells the story of two dogs divided by class and social standing.  Thankfully though, love triumphs and all is well in the end: everybody lived happily ever after. Awwww!

Love Actually – Juliet & Mark

It may not be the grandest, it may not be the longest and it certainly wasn’t the most passionate but boy was it one of the cutest! You know the one, the scene where Mark appears at Juliet’s door with the flash cards where he confesses his love for her – without speaking a word. It was undeniably sweet and has since inspired numerous proposals across the world.


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