The top London events you should attend this year


The Taste of London is held in June

Ahh here it is, the wonderful month of June, bringing us sunny days and brighter evenings. The taste of London is happening from the 18th until the 22nd of June. Enter a world of exquisite cuisine and fancy eating. The Taste of London is a showcase of the big city’s best 44 restaurants. Good wine, good food, beautiful weather. Following this, on the 28th June, the Pride in London kicks off with plenty of entertainment for everybody.



Tour de France

This month turns out to be a very sporty and fit month events wise. Let’s start with my favourite event every year, the classiest, most watched tennis event. Of course, I am talking about Wimbledon beginning 23d June and ending on the 6th of July. If you can’t afford the tickets, find a bar where they are showing it, get together with friends and enjoy the sunshine whilst watching the world’s biggest tennis superstars. Tour de France also makes its arrival on the 7th of July, a time where you can see the world’s best cyclists go past London famous landmarks.



Notting Hill Carnival

After sports, there’s comes celebration. I am talking about the Notting Hill Carnival, a 2 day street party and celebratory event where you will no doubt have the best time. Get ready to eat some great food, see amazing costumes and meet loads of people whilst colliding the streets of London.


London Fashion Week

This month is all about style, fashion, design and yes, more style. Let’s kick start autumn with some fabulous shows at London Fashion Week, where we learn about new trends and what we should be wearing. If you can’t make the shows, you can still wear your best threads this month. There will be people everywhere, no doubt so get yourself out there looking sharp. This is a fantastic time for networking. The London design festival continues (13-21) where you can keep up with the latest design trends and have a choice of over 300 exhibitions you can view.



Start the second month of the rusty autumn with yet another tasty treat, the Restaurant Festival. This month is a very active one, with 2 days of the world’s best films BFI London Film festival (8-9 October), the beautiful worldwide known festival of lights, or Diwali, where you can enjoy loads of entertainment, celebrate new beginnings and learn about its cultural meaning. End of October means one thing everywhere around the world and that is HALLOWEEN! I love this part of the year, so many people put so much effort with their costumes and there are candles everywhere and scary props everywhere.


Remembrance Day

5th of November stands for the Fireworks, bonfires and good times. Get out there on the 11th of November for Remembrance Day, watching the Parade and remembering all those who lost their lives in the wars.


New Years Eve in London

Finally, the most wonderful time for the year, yes you guessed it, it’s Christmas. Celebrate the arrival of a new year out and about on the streets of London, where you can be part of a magnificent fireworks show and a great atmosphere. Snuggle up in warm knitwear and coats, sipping hot cocoa take a gorgeous walk around the beautiful London.

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