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The Red Lippy Project Week

Cancer research suggests that cervical cancer is the 11th most common cancer type in women. The fact that we have the opportunity to actually get regular check-ups is a great thing. When detected in time, it can save your life. In fact, cancer research suggests that cervical screening saves approximately 4500 lives in England, every year. I know it can be really unconformable, but your health should always come first. This week is all about raising awareness. The Red Lippy week is about showing your support, raining awareness and being confident in your own skin.

Benefit Cosmetics Giveaways
Benefit Cosmetics Giveaways

We are proud supporters of this great cause, and this year we have teamed up with our friends at Benefit Cosmetics, who are giving us these amazing giveaways consisting of 2 ultra plush lip glosses, 2 hydra smooth lip colors, 2 crease-less cream shadows, 2 long wear powders, valued at £116 (these will be split for two separate entries).  Because this is about raising awareness, we are looking for success, brave stories about somebody you know or know about who beat cancer (regardless of its type) or has had an experience with it which you think is worth mentioning. It’s about coming together as a community and inspiring one another. You never know who reads your story and it may change their life. There will be two stories rewarded. Please send your story at And don’t forget to wear your red lippy this week. xx

PS: Entries end 15th June

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