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Did Somebody Say Summer?

Morning all! Hope you are well and managing to avoid the dreaded office illnesses currently doing the rounds. We’ve found that hot water, honey, lemon and fresh ginger works an absolute treat, in case you were wondering. After the madness that was Christmas 2011 the dust finally seems to have settled and here at Eventa we’ve been busy putting into practice our plan of action for the year ahead. And boy, have we got some exciting stuff in store for you!

After much planning and preparation we can begin to reveal details of an exciting new offering due to be unveiled very soon. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you summer parties! After building the festive side of the business and having gained plenty of corporate event experience over the past couple of years it only seemed right to channel that expertise into a series of summer party packages too.

We’ll be splitting them into several different categories. Firstly, we have the themed summer balls which will be taking place during the day and including themes such as a Masquerade Ball, Cocktails & Dreams and our flagship event, The Olympic Awards Ceremony. Next up are summer soirées. These take place as the sun goes down and are all about good drinks, good company and plenty of luxurious nibbles to enjoy. Finally we have our team building days which combine fun challenges with a wonderful buffet or barbecue.

What all of these packages have in common is that they will be taking place in sensational venues, from historical country manors through to the entire city of London! What we mean by that you’ll just have to wait to find out!

But fear not you festive enthusiasts out there, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into laying the foundations for a superb collection of Christmas party nights 2012 as well and rest assured there’ll be some seriously exciting stuff on its way in that department too.

Finally, we’ve made a new Facebook page for you all to go and follow, which you can find here. Go and ‘like’ the page for all of those summer and Christmas party updates, not to mention plenty of funny pictures and news anecdotes as well.

Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

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