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From Elf To Stripper | How Students Spent Their Christmas

Having spent all of their loans on books and booze (mainly the latter) during term-time, students usually try to find part-time work in bars, restaurants or cafes during the holidays in order to fund their between-semester trips down the pub. But with competition for casual roles always high, just how far would they go to find a job?

The Huffington Post collared two students this week to talk about their respective festive employment exploits and the results were interesting to say the least, one taking up a post as an elf in Hamley’s toy store in London and the other spending her evenings serenading as a stripper. Safe to say the latter wouldn’t exactly go down well at one of our corporate Christmas parties! The position of Christmas Elf, despite apparently being one of the most sought-after, actually turned out to be hell according to student ‘Charlie’.

“It’s horrible, unbearable even,” he claimed. “It’s a sea of people, minimum wage and everyone catches each other’s coughs and colds.”

At the other end of the Christmas pay scale, ‘Hannah’ spent the festive period stripping for between £400-£500 per night, claiming that she “couldn’t turn down the opportunity to earn that much money.”

Guys, this year you should get in touch and we’ll find you something a bit more wholesome to do during our Christmas parties 2012 season! We could certainly use a few elves (Hannah we are sure you’d make a great elf, with your clothes on of course). And Charlie, if you still want to earn your crust during the day in Hamley’s we can definitely squeeze you onto one of our top London Christmas parties held at the nearby Dartmouth House at night. Just promise us you’ll remain in costume to help us welcome the guests! Dinner and drinks on us for your troubles, we promise.

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