Six Things to do after the Office Christmas Party

So probably the most highly anticipated event of the year has arrived, been and gone, and it’s now the morning after. It can feel pretty daunting waking up and worrying that you’ve made a fool of yourself in front of your colleagues after one too many drinks. You now have the worry of facing the music when you head back to work either the next day or on Monday morning. But don’t be too hard on yourself, because this week, we’ve bought you a bit of a survival guide, and we’ll provide you with six things to do after the office Christmas party.

Drink water in the morning (and before bed!)

Yep, we know that this is a pretty obvious one, but after all of that alcohol consumed at the party, your body is in some serious need of rehydrating. So give it a helping hand and glug down a nice glass or two of chilled water. You’ll be doing yourself a massive favour, so don’t forget!


Turn up to work

As tempting as it is to stay in bed, you absolutely must make yourself go into work if the party was unfortunately on a weekday evening and you have work the following morning. It really won’t go down too well with your colleagues or your superiors if you phone in sick. Because really, everyone knows that you’re nursing one rather large hangover, and it’s not going to look good if you don’t go in and face the music with the rest of your colleagues.

Speak to your closest work pals

Have a catch up with your closest friend from work to discuss the previous evening’s events. Grab the low down and see if you can piece together the night and evaluate your actions. Did you say anything embarrassing? Who did you speak to? Did you speak to your office crush? At least this way, if you did do something highly regrettable or offended anyone, then you’ll know and you’ll be able to go from there.

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Apologise if you need to

Lots of alcohol was consumed, things were said, and yes, maybe things did get a little out of context when you had a chat with your co-workers and perhaps you accidentally upset one of them without intending to. If this has happened, then unfortunately we can’t turn the clock back for you. You can however apologise.

On the first day back at work after the party, have a quiet word with them and ask if you can speak with them. People make mistakes, so as long as you recognise your mistake and apologise for any offence that you’ve caused and explain that you drunk far too much, then you’ve done everything you can and there’s nothing else left to do but move on.


Check your social media

When we’ve enjoyed a drink or two, social media can quickly become our best friend, and it’s all too easy to upload that selfie we took in the toilet with the HR manager or create a whole load of stupid drunk status updates. It’s definitely worth checking your social media accounts the next day to see if you’ve written anything that’s potentially damaging or going to get you in trouble, so if there’s anything potentially bad, two words of advice! Delete it!


Keep a good sense of humour

When all else fails, a good sense of humour will get you through anything. After all, don’t they say that laughter is the best medicine? Things are so much easier when you can laugh at yourself!

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