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Forget the cosy fireplaces and Santa hats this festive season, because this year at one of Liverpool’s top venues, it’s all about the incredible roaring twenties – and what better way to indulge in the best time of the year than with a spectacular, dazzling and downright sophisticated party to commemorate the glamorous era of prohibition?

But if you’re wondering just how to recreate that classic flapper girl chic or mobster look for the big occasion, then don’t worry because we’ve got it all covered right here with our excellent Roaring Twenties style guide. You’re really going to look the part for what will be one of the most memorable Christmas celebrations ever!


Flapper Girl


Create a quirky 1920’s hairdo for the party night that oozes some real feminine grace! There’s a few options you could go for including marcel waving, tight curls or perhaps you’d prefer recreating a faux bob? If you’re not feeling brave enough to try these styles out at home, why not treat yourself and make a salon appointment with a professional who will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to this enchanted by-gone era.


A key feature of the 1920’s flapper girl look was the bold make-up. It’s easy to do this classic look at home – you’ll be transformed into a beautiful starlet in no time!

Start off your make up by applying your usual foundation, before creating sexy, smouldering smoky eyes. We suggest using a primer first of all so your eye-shadow stays right in place. Blend a dark shade from the lashes to your crease, before lining your bottom lash. Then gently smudge the shadow before applying a nice thick liner on the bottom and top lash line for the ultimate definition. Finally, apply some ultra-black mascara to top off the eyes. If you’re looking for exaggerated lashes, then ensure you pop a pair of falsies on for that true stand out look!

Next up, use a dark eyebrow pencil to create some defined brows, before lining your lips with a red liner. Next, apply a rich red lipstick to those lips and add some soft blush to your cheeks for just a touch of colour and voila!


In order to achieve that authentic vintage look, go for a v-shaped dress with a dropped waistline. Many dresses from the 1920’s commonly involved the use of beads, sequins and lace. Luckily you don’t have to source a genuine flapper dress for the party (or if you fancy it, why not check out your nearest vintage clothing store?) as there’s plenty of great costumes you can buy online!


Complete your look with some vintage inspired accessories – nothing screams the roaring twenties more than some pearls around your neck, a cute 20’s look broche and a headband – you’ll feel like you’ve walked straight out of the 1920’s!

1920s guy



More often than not, you’ll have seen typical 1920’s guys on TV sporting a slimy slicked look using an oil based product – the aim of the game here was to smooth and flatten the hair, before parting and opting for one of several key looks, which are so easy to recreate at home. Simply use gel to smooth and flatten hair, before parting down the centre (or slightly off centre) and combing to keep things looking slick. Another look is to take a deeper parting on one side, or just combing the back-tops over the crowns.


A great look for the 1920s male would be a white shirt and black trousers – you could even team these with a coloured tie and a pair of braces for that quirky vintage look. Alternatively, if you want to look the part of an original mobster, then you could opt for a full on suit. Mix it up by going for pinstripes for a true statement look.


Complete your 1920’s attire with a classic trilby hat to round off your look – alternatively, you could go for the 1920’s fedora, derby hat, or even a flat cap?

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