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Recycled Christmas Trees Used For Coastal Restoration!

The city of New Orleans has come up with a novel use for its old Christmas trees. Officials have asked residents to place their festive foliage outside houses alongside all their other recycling, for the trees to then be collected and planted in the city’s damaged coastal wetland areas to encourage their restoration. They say that Christmas is a time for giving, but this surely takes it to the next level!

Meanwhile, back on our side of the pond, researchers at Imperial College London have been busying themselves in the post-Christmas period, concluding that if all of the nation’s cards, wrapping paper and crackers were turned into biofuel then it could run a London bus for 18 million kilometres! So, if they did Christmas party nights 2012 on Mars and buses could fly….well, you see where this going.

With London set to host the Olympics this summer and Mayor Boris Johnson’s planned reintroduction of the updated Routemaster buses in the capital, we reckon now is the perfect time for Bozza to appeal for the population’s leftover Christmas paper and card. In a city desperately in need of cutting its carbon footprint, being able to fuel its buses entirely on festive biofuel for years to come would surely represent a political victory, and one for the environment, unlike any before.

For 2011’s Christmas party nights London did its utmost to get on the environmentally-friendly map. The Gherkin for example hosted a series of exquisite events, all within perhaps the city’s greenest skyscraper. Its unique shape maximises the amount of natural light entering the building, thus reducing energy consumption throughout the day. By night, the need to artificially heat the place is reduced via a complex system of cavities containing solar panels that are charged up organically during the daylight hours.

So New Orleans, we may not be using our old Christmas trees to restore damaged coastal areas or fuelling our buses with cards and paper just yet, but London Christmas party venue The Gherkin is staking its claim as the nation’s greenest. Nice to see our industry doing its bit!

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