The Pope, Bob Dylan and Sting this Christmas…

No, it’s not the start of a bad joke; they’ve all got something in common this Christmas in that they’re releasing Christmas albums! We’re not quite sure where to start breaking this one down, but here’s the low down on the Christmas musical news…

Bob Dylan

This would be the first ever Christmas album recorded by the legendary singer songwriter and it’s set to contain a variety of traditional carols as well as modern songs. Some songs to be expected on the album are: “Must Be Santa,” “Here Comes Santa Claus,” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” This unusual move by the artist seems to fit in with his personality of never quite doing the expected, it seems even in his later years, he wants to keep us guessing about his musical direction. In particular, including the song “o Little town of Bethlehem” might cause some discussion in musical circles. Dylan converted to Christianity in 1979 and for a while religious songs filled his albums and he even refused to play some of his older music. After the early 1980s, the Christian influence was less overt, but choosing to include this Christmas song; written by an Episcopal priest, will not go unnoticed.

A Christmas album by Bob Dylan is hardly going to have you off your chair and dancing round the office; we think we’re going to keep Mariah Carey blaring round here, but it should be interesting and definitely a talking point for Dylan fans!


Sting is also contributing to the Christmas album chart this year with his own little CD to be released 2009. The first tracks will start appearing in October – which we think is great as it’s just never too early to be thinking about Christmas! Sting; of Police fame will be naming his album “If On A Winter’s Night” and will include a couple of original Christmas songs, as well as some traditional Christmas tunes and some hymns. This will be a perfect purchase for the mums out there we think! He will also be doing the lights in Edinburgh, so if you’re having an Edinburgh Christmas party then make sure to head over to the centre of town to Sting light up your life!

The Pope

This has to be our favourite. When we heard that Pope Benedict XVI was releasing a Christmas album this year we were excited to think he’d be rocking it out so Slade and screaming “it’s Chriiiistmas” for all of his fans. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case, which we think is an oversight as it would be guaranteed a number one spot in the charts we’re sure. No, the Pope is sticking to his roots this holiday season and singing a Marian prayer and also speaking Lauretan Litanies. He’ll be showing off with those and impressing listeners by doing it in different languages: Italian, Portuguese, French and German. Get it marked on your calendar as it’s going to be released on the 30th of November and is called Alma Mater. Some of the proceeds from the record will go to a good cause, offering musical education for under privileged children in the world.

So the big question is which will you buy for your Christmas party this year?

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