Nottingham Christmas Parties

Swashbuckling Nottingham Christmas Parties On The Horizon

Sorry if we are mentioning this on a weekly basis at the moment, but things really are starting to hot up here at Eventa HQ. Not only have we just launched our brand-spanking new website (which we happen to think looks rather swell), but we are also starting to take on a number of new sales staff to help find you those ideal Christmas parties quicker and easier than ever before. The number of Christmas party enquiries across the board has sky-rocketed in the last few weeks as groups start to think about their festive events. Remember folks, if you want to find the shindig that you’re truly after, at the right price, then it makes sense to get in there early!

A subject that we haven’t paid much lip service to is that of Nottingham Christmas parties. We’ve got a list of events here as long as our collective arms waiting to go live on the website, but the two Christmas party packages on there thus far are amongst the most contrasting you could possibly imagine. Nottingham is a city famed for its history, settlements here dating back thousands of years and being home, reportedly, to the infamous Robin Hood. It is the historical theme that comes into play with our first Nottingham Christmas party: the Medieval Banquet. A swashbuckling festive event if we do say so ourselves, this Christmas party in Nottingham sees an appropriately themed venue awash with historical noise and colour. Court jesters and minstrels will entertain whilst you gorge on four hearty Christmas party courses, all washed down with either four large mugs of ale or a bottle of wine (for Medieval authenticity, we suggest indulging in the former).

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum we have a series of shared Christmas parties in Nottingham entitled ‘Festive And Fabulous’. These shiny, high-gloss festive events bring us right up to the present, with a whirlwind of colourful entertainment packing a fun evening. Expect stilt-walkers, aerial trapeze artists and dazzling dance routines. These Nottingham Christmas parties shall be held under a purpose-built big-top in Lenton, one of the most unique Christmas party venues we have ever laid our eyes upon. Stay close to the Eventa website as more Christmas parties are added to the site in a variety of locations.

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