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Nottingham University’s New Arrivals Creating A Real Buzz

Honey bees are important to life on Earth; very important. Were it not for bees pollinating our flowers then vegetables wouldn’t grow, livestock would have nothing to graze on and humans would be in a bit of a pickle to say the least. In fact the wine and Champagne which you’ll be sipping on at Christmas party nights in 2012 exists as a direct result of the little stripy insects.

Bee populations across the world are falling at an alarming rate, but then along came a spot of good news from those fine fellows at Nottingham Trent University. 10,000 bees have been installed in a series of hives on the roof of the University’s Newton Building and are set to gain worldwide notoriety via a specially-placed ‘Bee Cam’ amongst the hives. According to the environmental manager at the University, Grant Anderson, viewers might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the famous ‘waggle dance’, a routine that the bees perform to let each other know where the best sources of nectar and pollen are. It is hoped that the colony will increase by sixfold over the next few years and improve Nottingham’s urban biodiversity.

As useful as bees are, thankfully there won’t be any landing on your glasses of bubbly and plates of turkey at Christmas parties in Nottingham in 2012. They hibernate throughout the winter months before getting back to work when temperatures start to rise again. The closest thing you’ll be getting to the ‘waggle dance’ are some sizzling performances at ‘Zulu Sundance: The Magic Of Africa’ involving some high-level acrobatic balancing acts and fast-moving tribal dance routines. The action is set to take place under a huge big top circus tent and unlike an event in similar circumstances in the summer months you won’t have to worry about anything stripy finding its way inside your drinks!

Head to the Nottingham Trent University website to check out the latest from their Bee Cam!

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