Manchester’s Most Unusual Party Trend…

The best parties in Manchester this year are in an unlikely location that might have you scratching your head as to just how they will work.

Shake off the old misconception that Museums are hot and stuffy or dull and boring. This year, Manchester is going through museum mayhem, with several sophisticated, glamorous and highly anticipated events on the way, all set in the very best of Manchester’s exhibitions.


Summer Barbecue Party

Who’d have thought one of the best summer parties this year would be in a Museum? Huge open spaces in cool air conditioned rooms makes this for a refined and stylish party venue, especially in the summer.

With expectations for parties being sky high, you really need to push the boat out to find an exciting event that stands out from your bog standard ‘head to the nearest spoons and have a drink after work’ party.

This venue has a real wow factor and will transform your summer soiree into an exciting experience. Enjoy an ice cold drinks reception and delicious barbecue buffet whilst you explore the depths of space and time amongst the exhibits. This party is for those with a curious mind, an exciting nature and huge appetite.


Dance Through the Decades

Not only are museums the hip and trendy new venue on the block, but they are a long way ahead of the competition for interesting and up-market venues. Imagine dining in the midst of fantastic and extravagant displays from the 70’s all the way to the 00’s, and being immersed in the mystery of our history.

After being welcomed to the stunning venue, you will enjoy pre-dinner drinks from the bar before being seated for a nostalgic journey through time with a retro festive menu. After dinner, head to the dancefloor for some throwback classics that will have you reminiscing on a trip down memory lane.

A great Christmas party isn’t just about tasty food, good music and good company. It’s equally about a spectacular location and this venue certainly ticks that box.


Penthouse Party Night

This is one luxury party that will have your mouth on the floor with spectacular views over the city centre from an exclusive penthouse suite. Museums certainly aren’t what they used to be, they’re far better!

This unique venue is unlike any other in Manchester, with incredible views, delicious food and a glamorous event space you won’t be in want of a thing. Guests will be welcomed with delicious cocktails and taken in a magnificent private elevator to the top floor where they will enjoy a sumptuous three course meal or for something a little less formal a bowl food buffet.


Summer Parties on the Quay Side

This beautiful venue offers something that no other venue offers in Manchester, stunning views of the quayside, MediaCityUk and the Coronation Street Studios. State of the art digital technology will create the perfect setting for a Christmas celebration.

With this Museums 360-degree technology your party can offer a cinematic experience like no other that can cater to any theme, from the Manchester skyline to Alice in Wonderland.

Summer parties are supposed to have an element of outdoors, and you can enjoy the dwindling evening heat at this party’s alfresco drinks reception. Watch the sun set and enjoy a sizzling barbecue at this astounding Manchester museum.


Museum Christmas Party

This state of the art venue is a guaranteed hit with the office with its spectacular theming, incredible views and brilliant value Christmas packages.

Indulge in a drinks reception before entering the main exhibition space with magnificent ceilings and slick floors. Enjoy pieces of history like the Harrier Jump Jet, built for the U.S Marine Corps and flown by Marine Attack Squadrons.

Make jaws drop with this impressive museum Christmas package this year, with great hospitality, food and drink there’s no better way to celebrate.

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