Looking for a touch of luxury this Christmas?

Everybody should have the chance to feel like royalty. To have their every need catered to and to be waited on hand and foot…


What is a luxury party? Every year, do you turn up graciously to a sub-par office party where a dry turkey dinner is tossed at you and it’s up to the alcohol to deliver any comprehensible entertainment?

Are you on the lookout for a more glamorous, sophisticated event that will leave a lasting impression?

A life of luxury everyday may not be affordable for the vast majority of us, but for one night this Christmas, everyone can enjoy the comfort, elegance and grandeur at the event of the year. The Finsbury ‘Après’ party is one Christmas celebration we can’t get over here at Eventa, with its spectacular theming you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the French Alps for an unforgettable dining experience.

Like the King or Queen that you obviously are, you will be draped in a beautiful fur throw to keep you warm and toasty at a delightful outdoors reception. Spectacular theming is an essential if you’re going to make a party a success and this venue really delivers on that point. You’ll enter the reception and gaze upon charming individual log cabins, adorned in festoon lighting and dappled with moonlight.

Towering fir trees form the centre of the Après theme and music seductively entices you to every bar where talented bar staff will cook up any concoction you could demand to sip on. And we all want to drink ice cold cocktails with a faux fur drape in the heart of the Alps don’t we?

But whether your preference is for iced champagne, stein’s of beer, fine wines or cocktails, your every whim is catered for down at Après. And as we mentioned before, it won’t be left to the drinks to entertain you, marvel at the dancers and acrobats performing on the roof tops as you sample the gastronomic delights of the talented chefs.

Have you ever felt classier and more wealthy than when top hospitality staff serve you hot and cold canapés on a silver platter? Enjoy a tirade of flavours from bitesize dishes such as the alpine ham and Swiss cheese toasties, the crunchy mac and cheese fitters or devilled quail eggs on toasted rye.

You know it’s a great event when you’ve had your taste buds tantalized, your senses overwhelmed and the atmosphere is electric with the spectacular entertainment and it’s still only the reception. The call for dinner leads you to a glittering snow covered dining room beneath a starlit ceiling, a jaw dropping climax to the theming and scenery.

Luxury must surely mean indulgence, and food that will blow your mind, making you feel like a Michelin starred chef is cooking just for you. A brown sugar and citrus cured Scottish smoked salmon complemented with a drill crème fraiche, heritage beetroot salad and topped with toasted grains for starter won’t leave anybody disappointed.

Savour every mouthful of the succulent main course – a butter poached breast of Cornish chicken served with a crunchy her rosti potato, parsnip cream, sage roasted squash, savoy cabbage and a rich burgundy red wine sauce.

So what is a luxury party? Well this year it’s definitely the Finsbury Après party. Take a look at the exclusive alpine option for a more personal and private night.


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