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London 2012 Athletes ‘Get Lost’

They say that first impressions are everything. Unfortunately our capital city, London, failed to create a positive one in the eyes of many athletes arriving in the UK for this summer’s Games. A specially-designed ‘Games Lane’ has been created on busy roads throughout the capital in order to facilitate the transport of sports men and women and officials to and from the main site at Stratford.

Kerron Clement, a US hurdler, this morning tweeted his frustration after he was left stranded in traffic for four hours after his driver got lost on the drive from Heathrow Airport to the athlete’s Village, a journey that should have taken 45 minutes! “Not a good first impression London” was the 26-year old’s assessment on the social networking site. Ever the joker, Boris Johnson quipped that “at least he would have seen quite a bit of London.”

The athletes themselves weren’t the only ones who succumbed to delays. A bus shuttling the world’s media from Russell Square to Stratford pulled over thirty minutes into its journey. The driver got up, said “sorry about this” and pulled out a map before performing a U-turn and then getting back on the correct route. What is certain is that if we were this up-in-the-air with our 2012 Christmas parties then nobody would come back! Thankfully for the press and media on the bus, the driver quickly got back on his way.

The Games are being described by Heathrow officials as ‘Britain’s biggest peacetime transport challenge’. Nearly 300,000 passengers are expected to pass through during the event, the previous record being 233,000.

Our Christmas parties in London this year are causing a bit of a stir too. Indeed, we also expect to break some records of our own. We’ve already got double the amount of packages available on our website than we had at the same stage last year, so we must be on the right track, no Games-themed pun intended.

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