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When did cocktails become part of our lives?  Where did they come from? Who drank the first ever cocktail and what was it? I have no idea, however 1803 was the year when the first article about cocktails came out. It is not certain where the name cocktail actually came from. One theory is that a female tavern owner used to decorate her drink with tail feathers from her neighbours. Another story is that Coquetel was served to the French soldiers during the American War of Independence from 1775 to 1783. To be honest, it doesn’t even matter. What does matter is that now we have access to them. These tasty colourful liquids which make our life, oh so much sweeter. James Bond drinks them, Carrie Bradshaw drinks them,Tom Cruise in Cocktail shows us what red eye is, even Marilyn Monroe sips on her whisky sours in the Seven Year Itch. Ah the lifestyle of a fancy cocktail drinker, so lush!

james bond

Since we are such cocktail lovers, we decided to come up with a mega fun competition. We are asking you what would your job be as a cocktail!?!  Mine would definitely be a Bellini type cocktail, bubbles, fruits, basically a glass full of fun, colourful and social, as social media is. You don’t have to go really into it unless you want to. What we need is really a description of your cocktail and why you picked it to describe your profession. Not only we will reward the winner with a delicious gift box from Poison Cocktails but we will also give you and 7 of your friends the opportunity to take part in a cocktail making class, you make them you drink them. Here are some examples we came up with.

The Estate Agent

The Tree Surgeon

The Hairdresser

 Click here to find out more and to enter the Drinked Inn competition!

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