Christmas parties in London

Brad Sends Jamie A London Christmas S.O.S

Having your Christmas lunch cooked for you by Jamie Oliver would be just about anyone’s idea of food heaven. But chances are that if you are neither mates with the celebrity chef nor incredibly rich then this won’t be happening to you any time soon. Multi-millionaire Brad Pitt however is both filthy rich and chums with the Naked Chef, so being a bit under-qualified in the kitchen department he decided to summon our Jamie to his and partner Angelina Jolie’s British residence to roast a turkey and boil a few sprouts. We’d like this to happen at Eventa parties in London. Jamie, are you free at any point in December at all?

According to pals, Brad is ‘useless’ at cooking, the actor apparently ‘begging’ for cooking lessons from Jamie last year. Sadly however, they were to no avail. Keen for a proper British Christmas for his family whilst living in the UK and filming for two new movies, he enlisted the services of the TV cook to help with the festive meal.

The actor has been making other domestic efforts as well and is reportedly a big fan of cleaning. A source has been quoted as saying: “He likes nothing more than doing a bit of housework before getting the kids to help him prepare dinner, which they love. He’s turned into a right Mr Muscle. He’s also been going to the local supermarket and runs errands to the local dry cleaners in Camberley.” We never thought we’d hear the words ‘Brad Pitt’ and ‘Camberley’ in the same sentence but there’s a first for everything!

With just over two months to go until the big day arrives keep a close eye on the Eventa page for lots of Christmas party ideas revolving around the all-important Christmas day dinner. And if you are out in Camberley any time soon, keep an eye out for Brad doing his dry cleaning!

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