How to Transform your Event from Good…To Great!

What would you classify as a good event? And how would you distinguish a better event? There is a subtle difference between those events that are good and the events that you don’t forget. It can be the difference between retaining customers and losing them to competitors.

Here at Eventa, we know how to throw a party or two and we know what can make a good event great.

What makes an event bad?


You need to know this in order to avoid these common pitfalls that could turn your event sour.

  • No Clean-up

If there’s nowhere to put rubbish, people will leave it anywhere and things can quickly get messy. This is unpleasant for everyone involved.

  • No Supplies

If you don’t have tables and chairs for people to sit down on they will hover awkwardly and not enjoy themselves. And nobody wants to eat with their fingers so without basic supplies such as knives, forks and napkins your party becomes a bit of a loser.

  • No schedule (time, date, finish time?

You need to tell people exactly how long you intend the party to go on for, all day? Half a day? An hour? If there’s not a date or time people can’t plan for the day and us Brits love a good schedule, almost as much as we love to queue.


Well, what makes an event good?


A good event is one that offers guests everything they want in a party

  • Good Music

Imagine standing in a room, full of people who are stood around looking awkward. That’s what a party becomes without music and with music, people start to enjoy themselves.

  • Good Food

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from and what you do, if you’re at a party you want to be fed and you want to be fed good. So leave the bowls of crisps for the kids and get out a selection of delicious hot and cold foods to stop anybody getting hangry.

  • Plenty of Drinks

As well as the moody hungry people, you get the moody thirsty ones too who just like a good drink at a party and so providing plenty of drinks options to choose from, including some non-alcoholic drinks, makes for a decent event.


So what’s the secret? What makes an event great?


The great events are the ones that offer guests all the little things they didn’t even think they wanted until you gave it to them.

  • Small Personal Touches

Personalised name cards and invitations, a seating plan so Miss can sit next to her Mister and you know who doesn’t have to sit next to their worst nightmare. Small things like catering for vegetarians and non-alcohol drinkers will make people remember the party for all the right reasons.

  • Tailored Music

If you have a theme (and if you don’t then why don’t you?) you should tailor the music to match. If you’re going for a Rio Carnival Party then play some sizzling samba tunes to get the atmosphere going.

  • Themed Event

As mentioned before, a themed event turns a normal party into something that everyone will remember. Not everybody likes fancy dress parties, but everybody loves great décor to change the mood and tone of the event.

  • Entertainment

If you’ve ever watched an episode of ‘Come Dine with Me’ you’ll know that entertainment is a game changer. Play it right and you’re scoring tens across the board. Miss it out or make it too dull or embarrassing then you’ve lost it already. A great shout is a live band.


How can I tell if an event is going to be great?

Well you don’t have to, here on our website, we only source the best parties, the ones we think will leave you with a fair few happy memories and a good story to tell when you get home. If you want to book a great party, then check out the ones we’d recommend here.

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