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How to survive the work Halloween party with class and dignity

Many UK work places don’t throw Halloween parties for their employees because admittedly it’s a holiday that’s celebrated more in the states than it is here. However, we’ve noticed (being a party company and all) that more and more UK companies are getting on the Halloween bandwagon and throwing parties to celebrate this spooky holiday. So if you find yourself being invited to a ghouls and goblins gathering with your co-workers and you’re not sure how to navigate this minefield. Then read on for our fail safe tips…

Don’t wear a racy costume (even if you would outside of work)

The fact that I’m even typing this is almost laughable but leaving this point out doesn’t seem entirely wise. Yes, it might be Halloween and though you might be tempted to dig out your skin tight cat woman costume or your itsy teeny weeny He-Man trunks THINK. You’re going to a party with your co-workers, the people who you talk budgets/campaigns/payroll/projects with. The people who you work with, the people who see you from a professional viewpoint, the people who may give you future references, the people who may be responsible for giving you a pay rise… Let that sink in for a moment. Yeah, that provocative costume doesn’t seem like such a good idea now does it?

Be creative with your costume

Just because you can’t be revealing with your costume, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! You do want to impress your co-workers after all, so dig around on the internet. Have a look on Pinterest and see what other people have done to get some inspiration (obviously make sure it’s not offensive and won’t hurt anyone else’s feelings!) Show a bit of your personality and let everyone see your creative side!

But don’t drink too much

This is just a general rule for all office parties: it’s never a good idea to drink too much. You’ll be surrounded by important people who ideally need to take you seriously. So getting blind drunk is never a good idea. Knocking back the alcohol is going to have a knock on effect on your professional life: you don’t want to be seen as that person who needs booze to have a good time, nor do you want to be the person who needs Dutch courage in order to start conversations with unfamiliar co-workers. Pace yourself, have water in-between drinks and if you accidently spill red wine down yourself then hopefully your costume will have some fake blood on it to disguise the spill!

Have fun

Company parties are a great way to get to know your co-workers better, which means that (if you can) you should attend them. Integrate, mingle, ask questions, and crack out that killer joke (again make sure it’s not horribly offensive.) Use this opportunity to attract the right kind of attention and elevate yourself in the eyes of your colleges.

Worst case scenario – don’t go if you think you can’t behave

If you don’t think you’re going to be able to control yourself and behave during the party then it’s best not to go. If people ask why you’re not going, don’t give them that reason. Make up a legitimate sounding excuse or say you’re not feeling well. Yes it’s a good chance to get to know your co-workers better but if you don’t trust yourself to behave or be good with the booze, then for the sake of your professional career, missing out one on party is better than making a completely fool of yourself in front of everyone at work.

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