How to survive Christmas with the family – six tips

Christmas comes but once a year and it’s the perfect way to spend some quality time with the family. But what if your family Christmas isn’t the usual serene, joyous environment that the media likes to portray? What if there’s always a bit of a drama, sarcastic comments muttered by elderly relatives or if the kids are throwing constant tantrums? Sound familiar? If so, we’ve come up with a bit of a plan to help your Christmas run that bit smoother with our six great tips!

Prepare yourself for irritating and awkward questions

Oh yes. Those irritating and awkward questions are definitely inevitable from those family members that you only get to see once a year (funnily enough at Christmas time!). There’s nothing worse than ‘How’s the diet going?’ or ‘Still not found a boyfriend?’. These kind of questions are super irritating, and when it’s personal, it makes things even worse – especially if the subject matter is a bit touchy for you.

So what do you do? Well, just take a deep breath, smile sweetly, reply with a one-word answer and then leave the situation. It’s one of the greatest weapons out there. Another great idea is to either completely change the subject round, or make an excuse and say that you’re off to do some food prep or make a phone call. Whatever you do, just try and hold your tongue. It’s not worth the aggro retaliating back if someone upsets you and you’ll come out looking like the better person if you follow the above advice.


Appear positive (even if you’re not!)

Feeling anxious about spending the Christmas period with your family because it’s pretty stressful business? Try not to show it on the outside. Research has shown that faking happiness has actually been proven to make you feel happy and take your anxiety and stress levels right down!

Watch your booze intake

Christmas is a time for enjoying yourself, and there’s never been a better time to divulge in a cheeky tipple. By all means, have fun and let your hair down a bit, but don’t overdo it. There’s a time and a place, and getting wasted in front of your entire family is not the one. Because alcohol makes us more relaxed, there’s a higher chance that you’ll answer back to that sarcastic comment or tell a family member what you really think of them, which could cause some kind of hideously awkward argument that you’ll regret the next morning (or even in a few hours).


Get some air

If it all gets a bit too much, take some air! Take the family pooch for a stroll around the block, or if you don’t have a dog that you can use as an excuse, simply just say you’re going to nip out for a bit of fresh air for five-minutes or so. Obviously don’t leave at a pivotal moment such as during the highly anticipated present opening session or just before lunch is about to get served, as that probably won’t go down too well.

Show willing

Get involved in Christmas with the family! Why not offer to take charge of the desserts for the big Christmas dinner, chip in with preparation of the food, or you could even offer to entertain the kids of the family for an hour or so (that’s a big ask we know!). But whatever you choose, there’s plenty of ways you can get stuck into your family celebration, so just embrace it – It’s only once a year after all!


Take the pressure off yourself

Remember that there’s a lot of pressure on everyone to have the most amazing Christmas ever. But ask yourself, what really is the perfect Christmas? The media certainly don’t portray the family dramas and arguments in their cheery advertisements, and not everything will be an amazing miracle and picture perfect like in Bing Crosby’s White Christmas (with a whole load of musical extravaganza thrown in for good measure!). So just take Christmas for what it is and simply just enjoy yourself, even if there are some imperfections along the way!

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