How to manage your events social media properly

So you’ve started some social media accounts for your upcoming event, but you’re not really sure how to start making your following base grow and how to successfully interact with your audience. Sound familiar? Well if so, never fear, because this afternoon, we’re bringing you some of our top social media secrets that you’ll be able to use across your social media channels!

Include Hashtags – Always include hashtags! On Twitter, you can even see what’s currently trending at present, so you can adapt your tweet if applicable to the current hashtags. This is a great way of reaching new followers and getting those all-important retweets!


Interact with your audience – Ask questions that you know your followers will be interested in. Perhaps you could ask if they’ve got their party attire sorted and invite them to post photos of their outfits – remember to make the time to write comments back to those who have gone out of their way to answer your questions.

Keep an event countdown – This is a great way to keep everyone excited. Obviously don’t post the countdown everyday, that’s just annoying. Instead, use days of significance, such as 10 days to go, or 5 days to go. This way, it retains excitement without becoming irritating!


Videos – Videos are another great way of capturing your audience’s attention, and letting them know what you’ve been doing. Give them a guided tour of the venue and introduce them to the friendly members of staff on camera – you never know; you may even get some bookings out of it!

Use Photos – it seems an obvious one, but a great photo really does bring a social media post to life! Whether you’re preparing for the event and getting the function room nicely decorated for guests, or maybe you’ve got the finished scene, add a photo. You might just be in the office with your colleagues sorting a bit of pre-event logistics – if so, then add a photo. It allows for you to interact with your audience and allows for them to keep up to date with what you’re doing.


Make friendly chat with suppliers – Perhaps your suppliers have just sent you the new wine glasses ready for the event? Or maybe the caterers have just provided a cheeky menu tasting session for you all to enjoy? If so, there’s no harm in providing a public display of affection online and letting them know what a great day you had trying their offerings, or how excited you were to receive several boxes of brand new shiny wine glasses. Remember, a little bit of appreciation goes a long way!

Create posts containing useful information – Is the venue situated near to local transport links? Is there a road blockage on the day of the event? Keep your followers updated with anything that you think that they may find interesting.

Blog Posts – Whenever you publish a blog post on your site, make sure you create a post about it containing the link to the page on your social media channels. This is the ideal way of raising awareness of your blog and you may even get a new batch of followers.


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