How to keep motivated in the office in January

Now that we’re officially into the second week of January, things can tend to feel a little dull and dreary after all the fun and sparkle of Christmas. The weather’s grey and rainy outside and the prospect of summer seems like a lifetime away. To top it all off, there’s plenty of work piling up in the office, which can be enough to make anyone feel slightly stressed!

There are of course plenty of ways to stay motivated in the office in January, which will help you work through any January blues that you may be experiencing, so read on and get ready to achieve great things this working year!

Keep Hydrated

Not only is water great for our skin and helps the body regulate temperature amongst other things, it also helps aid concentration and allows us to think clearer. So next time you go to reach for that can of Diet Coke or go to make a cup of coffee, think again and enjoy some water. You really will feel a lot better for it!


Have something to look forward to

There’s nothing better than having something to look forward to; whether it’s a mini break, a holiday or just meeting up with a friend for a catch up. If you’re heading away, then why not download a holiday countdown app on your phone to give you some real motivation? It’s also good to ensure that you spend plenty of time with friends and family that you love, so do make sure that you make time to have a catch up with a friend or family member every week or so!

Do give yourself a lunch break

Honestly, there’s nothing worse than staring at a computer screen all day without a rest, so make sure that you do give yourself a lunch break. Even if you just go for a walk for twenty minutes or so, it’s good to have a break from your workload and just enjoy a bit of fresh air! You’ll return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to tackle those next few tasks on your list!


Create easy and achievable goals

There’s no point staring at your entire workload and seeing it as one massive project. Instead, split it up into easy manageable tasks and set yourself a challenge each month. As you tick through each task on your list, you’ll feel a real sense of achievement!

Set your goals for the year ahead

If you’ve got a big working year ahead of you, then why not have a think about what you’d like to achieve. If there’s certain targets that you’d like to hit, then why keep a record of your monthly progress? It makes things easy to track so you know where you’re at!


Enjoy an after work gym session

There’s nothing quite like releasing some endorphins with an after work gym session – it’ll leave you feeling good afterwards and through to the next day. It’s also extra good if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work and need to let out some energy!

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