How to Behave at the Office Party – Seven Unwritten Rules

Whether it’s a summer party with the team in the warmer months or whether it’s the highly anticipated festive knees up, it goes without saying that there’s definitely some unwritten rules on how to behave during these kind of events with your work colleagues. From not getting excessively drunk to ensuring you socialise outside of your department, there’s a whole lot of rules to abide by. And yes, your actions could very well impact your job and others views of your behaviour, so make sure you listen up and read on as we discuss how to behave at the office party with these seven unwritten rules!

Do wear an appropriate outfit

Of course you want to look good for the event, but just make sure your clothing is appropriate. Ladies, we’re sure you won’t, but just in case; it’s definitely not okay to turn up to the party looking like you’re about to hit the tiles in a teeny-tiny dress that reveals a little too much flesh. It’s not appropriate attire to wear around your superiors, that’s for sure. Equally guys, don’t wear anything with offensive logos or crude sayings on. You don’t really want to be the talk of the party now do you? We say the best thing to do is find a healthy mix between ‘I’m professional’ and ‘I’m dressed for a good time’ look.

Don’t get excessively drunk

Think about it, you’re still with all of your colleagues, so yes, in a way you’re technically still at work. So do watch what you drink, because the more you drink, the less in control you are and the less in control you are, the more likely you are to say or do something you regret. Nothing is worse than the feeling of regret, so prevent it! We’re not saying don’t let your hair down and enjoy yourself, because after all, parties are for having a good time; just make sure you stay in control. Simple.

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Do socialise outside of your department

It’s always good to meet new people, so why not have a chat with some of the people you’re not massively familiar with at the office party? It’s all too easy to stay in our comfort zone and stick around with the people we’re friendliest with at work, but it doesn’t hurt to mingle and have a little chat with some of the others. You never know, you may just make a few new friends from it.

Don’t be too cringey with the person you fancy

Just because you’ve had a couple of drinks and are out the office environment, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to suddenly come on super strong to the person you’ve fancied all year round. Just don’t do it. It could be highly embarrassing and awkward for all involved parties. Instead, strike up some friendly conversation or join in with a group conversation if said crush is present. Make a couple of jokes to get noticed or simply just follow our other tips on how to pull at the office party. You never know, a little bit of effort can go a long way!


Do talk about topics other than work

Of course the one thing that you all have in common with one another is the fact that yes, you do all work for the same company. But don’t be that person who just wants to talk about work, work and nothing else. An office party is a great way to find out all about your colleagues, so if you’re ever in doubt about what to say, simply just ask others questions about themselves – people like to chat about themselves, so ask away! We certainly recommend using this approach as ammunition if you’re naturally a bit shy and unsure of what to discuss.

Don’t go crazy over social media

You’ve had a few drinks and you think it’s going to be a truly fantastic idea to update everyone on the world of Facebook and Twitter just what you’re up to. By all means get a cheeky photo uploaded or tag yourself in if you want to. But just don’t go off on a rant and create an update about how boring or miserable the boss is being or how rubbish your pay is. The beauty of social media is that things can be screen-shotted or shared extremely quickly – now you really don’t want people seeing your drunken work rants do you? Nope, didn’t think so.


Do have fun

Well yes, bearing in mind the previous rules do make sure that you have a great time. After all, an office gathering with the majority of the company doesn’t really happen too often, so do make the best of it and have a laugh! Just go easy on those Sambuca that Mike from marketing is kindly offering to buy everyone.

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