How Soon is Too Soon to Book a Christmas Party?

The short and simple answer to this all too often asked question, is never.

It is never too soon to book your office Christmas party, especially if you’re hoping for a night that colleagues, co-workers and friends will remember for a long time.
We all know that Proper Preparations Prevents Poor Performance and the Office Christmas party should be no exception. Why you ask? Why should I think about Christmas in May!

Well here at Eventa we know the party industry inside out and here are our reasons for booking early…


  1. Keep your workers happy

Christmas parties are a valuable way of showing recognition and appreciation of your employees and in turn encourage loyalty, staff retention, staff bonding and incentivise better performance. So spending money on an event that will bring workers closer together and improve morale is a great investment.

A great Christmas party can also integrate new workers and create bonds between staff through an informal evening of getting to know each other. Choosing not to recognise staff at Christmas could have negative effects on productivity, so whilst keeping costs down is important, keeping staff happy can be a worthwhile endeavour. Check out some of our great value parties here.



  1. Best seats and bargain tickets

Most venues will bend over backwards making sure that everyone has a fantastic time, that includes trying to make sure that there are no ‘good seats’ and ‘bad seats.’ But inevitably with spatial restrictions there will be front row seats to the entertainment and back row seats.

If you want to secure the best seats in house for your team, then its first come first served and the earlier you book the more likely you will be to get what you’re after.

Another great reason for booking early is that a lot of venues offer great early bird discounts that can save you a sweet buck.  For companies looking to save money on large upscale events, why not consider a delicious Christmas meal in an Italian restaurant?



  1. It’s all about the choice

Instead of the blind panic of desperately trying to find a venue to accommodate you in November for the dates you want, book early and make sure you get the day, date and venue of your first choice.

There are few and far between venues which cater for very large groups, so companies with 500+ staff need be looking at venues a good year in advance.
Take a look at some of our exclusive events catering for large parties, including the grand and luxurious Yule Britannia, catering up to 900 and the wonderfully themed Neo-Victorian Fantasy caters up to an incredible 4000.



  1. Stress relief

Booking the party that will please everybody is time consuming, ridiculously stressful and ultimately impossible. Not everybody will agree on venue, theme, location, ticket price, dress code or food. So allow yourself time to come to a ‘majority rules’ conclusion as early on as possible.

Day to day life in itself is a stressful thing, so there really is no need to be unprepared and give yourself the added hassle of party planning in the run up to Christmas, when many companies are at their busiest.



  1. Time to Prepare

“I just like to wing it with party dress codes,” said nobody ever. Both men and women need time to prepare for what is quite possibly going to be a big blow out night.

In what is a difficult economic climate anyway, giving people time to set some money aside for transport, clothes, extra drinks or tickets means that even workers on a much smaller wage can afford to take part in the office event of the year without feeling the stress of time and monetary constraints.

Don’t leave it until the last minute and visit our site to book your Christmas party now.

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