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Nine-Year-Old Glasgow Busker Taking £560 A Day!

Most nine-year-olds look forward to a couple of pounds from their parents each week to buy penny sweets. But in the case of Kris McDowall, a young Glasgow boy, things are far from normal. Kris is a talented guitarist and singer you see, very talented. So talented in fact, that he’s been raking in up to £560 a day playing Guns N’ Roses, Justin Bieber and Eric Clapton songs to shoppers on the streets of his home city. Someone needs to sign this kid up sharpish to one of our Christmas party nights in Glasgow for this year!

Maybe he gets his talents from his Dad, Kris senior, who is in a popular local band. “Every day we come to Glasgow the crowd seems to get bigger. He’s made thousands of pounds already.”

The talented little superstar is proving such a hit that he is set to record his debut single next week. Apparently he got the musical bug at the tender age of four and learnt to sing and play guitar just by watching YouTube videos. A year later he was performing in front of 900 people at an open-mic session in Glasgow’s Royal Festival Hall. Apparently young Kris now makes enough money to pay for all of his equipment and most of the forthcoming studio time!

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no. Kris is now planning for a shot at super-stardom by appearing on Britain’s Got Talent next year. He said: “I love playing in front of people — it’s really exciting. And I love playing on the street. It’s my favourite thing to do during my holidays.”

So there you have it, a nine-year-old who likes to get outside and not just spend his time off on computer games. There’s hope for us yet!

Kris, can we hire you for our office Christmas parties please?

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