Design themes for a sparkling Christmas table

When it comes to Christmas, one of the main events of the day is of course the rather brilliant Christmas dinner, so why not go all out and take a focus on dressing the table to create that extra sparkle for the occasion? We’ve come up with our favourite five themes which will make your table design really stand out this coming Christmas, so take a read of our ideas and be prepared to feel inspired!

Traditional Festive Setting

If you want to stick with what you know and keep to a classic table dressing this festive season, then why not inject a bit of oomph into your usual Christmas design? Of course, keep to all those traditional reds and greens with maybe some gold thrown in for good measure, but how about mixing it up and using a red tartan tablecloth instead of the usual red? Add a stunning centrepiece into the middle of the table – choose from centrepieces such as a Christmas tree, reindeer or even a nativity scene which will bring that festive spirit alive!


Glitz and glamour

Using rich colours such as purple, this setting projects a very royal and regal feel and simply oozes glitz and glamour for a truly VIP setting! We love the idea of using purple napkins (the purple gingham design pictured here is particularly lovely!) and incorporating frosted glass plates in purple. Team this with stainless steel cutlery and add elements of silver for a breath-taking and stunning festive table setting. We especially like the idea of using little decorations in the shape of parcels, which look seriously cute!


Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland is a beautiful theme for your Christmas dinner table, which focuses on creating a serene and stunning setting with blue, white and silver colours. We’d suggest using a white tablecloth, plain white plates and introducing the colour blue subtly – you can do this by working it into your Christmas crackers, or by tying ribbons onto chair backs. Spray painting some pine cones silver is also a fantastic look for your winter wonderland table.

Another great idea is to use white or blue fairy lights to decorate the dining room for that extra Christmas impact. This setting really does make for a memorable and magical atmosphere which the whole family can enjoy.


Glitter and Gold

All that glitters is not gold…well in this case it certainly is, because this is one grand theme for a truly luxury themed Christmas table setting that will be sure to impress guests alike. For this one, set the scene by using a gold coloured table cloth – make it as subtle or as sparkly as you like! Some tips for decorating this one would be to scatter some gold sequins across the table and introducing some gold lanterns with tea candles in them.

If you’d prefer, you could put some candles in gold coloured holders for a classy look. Finish the look with plain white plates and stainless steel cutlery for a standout table setting that really has the wow factor.


Kitsch Christmas

We love this minimalistic theme which uses an uncovered wooden table and is kitted out with some gingham napkins and mats (we suggest red gingham, which incorporates that festive element of Christmas!) and quirky decorations which have been arranged on the table.

If you’re after some inspiration, then how about some candy canes, plastic stars or a few pine cones? You could even spray-paint the pine cones red if you fancy an injection of colour. Finish off the look with some red handled cutlery and you could even create your own quirky placemats for that personal touch.


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