Here’s Five Alternative Christmas Desserts

When we think of the sweet treat that follows the magnificent Christmas dinner, the rather traditional Christmas pudding instantly springs to mind. But what happens if you’re not massively keen on a hearty serving of this classic dessert that’s typically accompanied by a dollop of brandy butter? Well, then you seek alternative desserts don’t you? This week, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite alternative festive desserts for your dining pleasure! Also, don’t forget to check out our top table themes for Christmas!

Fruit Trifle

We love this one and so does everyone else! Is there really anything better than a delectable serving of fruit trifle? It’s made from a variety of fruit including peaches, strawberries, apple, pineapple or whatever you fancy in it! It also involves the use of sponge fingers, which are suspended in jelly with the fruit. Custard is then added to form another layer and it’s then topped off with whipped cream. Traditionally, sherry is also used in this dish, but some people prefer to make it without the sherry element.

Use vegetarian powder jelly sachets for the non-meat eaters of the family so they don’t have to miss out on this splendid dessert!


Black forest Gateau

This one is a delicious treat which is composed of several layers of chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and cherries sandwiched between it. The top is decorated with more yummy whipped cream and topped off with cherries in addition to dark chocolate shavings. Black forest gateau is always a firm family favourite and you can bet that this won’t be sitting on the table for too long!


Yule Log

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a deliciously naughty slice of yule log. So we say definitely purchase one and include it in your showcase of festive desserts! It’s especially good for the kids who won’t appreciate the Christmas pudding and brandy butter option. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a completely delectable dish that both kids and adults alike will love!


Christmas Tree Cupcakes

We love these cute Christmas tree cupcakes – not only do they look aesthetically pleasing and make for a great Instagram photo, they also taste darn good! Go for whatever flavour of cupcake you desire – you could keep it simple with some tasty vanilla cupcakes, or go for a rich chocolate flavour. Once the cakes have cooled, simply top with a cream butter icing. You’ll then mix up a new batch of butter icing and add some green food colouring for the vibrant Christmas tree green.

The next part requires a steady hand, as you’ll be piping the tree onto the cake – start on the outside of the cake and make your way to the centre. You’ll gradually build up smaller layers until you reach the top. Introduce some edible silver balls and you’ll have some seriously pretty festive cupcakes!


Fruit Salad

It’s always good to have a healthier option available for those who don’t want to indulge in the usual cakey products, and a fruit salad is the perfect dessert for those that want something light and refreshing after what’s been a pretty heavy lunch or dinner. Use all the usual fruit favourites such as orange, pear, apple, banana and blueberries etc, but why not make it a tad more exotic and introduce fruits such as pineapple, mango and melon?

One piece of advice is to peel and cut the banana into slices just before serving your dish – this prevents the banana slices getting soggy in the fruit juices if prepared the night before.


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